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ReVIEWS: Animal + Cannibal


Having a mom in her early 20s during the late 2000s-early 2010s meant growing up listening to amazing music. I’ll never forget the day I was in the shower, my mom waiting for me to be done, playing all her favorite songs at the time. I remembered hearing this song so many times and slowly learning the lyrics; “Tick Tock on the clock, but the party don’t stop.” I asked her about the artist of the song and that marked the day my love and admiration for Kesha and her music started.

While she was previously featured on Flo Rida’s album “R.O.O.T.S.” in 2009, Kesha officially debuted with her album “Animal” in 2010 and shortly after released her first extended play “Cannibal,” breaking records and topping the charts. People fell in love with the singer and her playful, charismatic, and carefree personality. The biggest hit on her album was “Tik Tok.” The iconic electropop beat and Kesha’s addicitve lyrics is what led it to be the song of 2010, and even of the following years.

“Animal” holds 16 songs and two remixes of “Tik Tok.” While most of the songs have that dance-pop genre to them, some songs slowed it down a little, taking the time to tell a story. I think part of what drew people to this album and Kesha is how real it all feels. It’s not perfect and it’s not grand, it’s messy and loud and probably obnoxious to a lot of people, but it’s also fun. The imagery of glitter on the floor in “Take It Off,” the relatability in “Backstabber,” that warm feeling when listening to “Your Love Is My Drug” and thinking about someone special.

I’d have to say my favorite song on “Animal” would have to be “Blah Blah Blah (feat. 3OH!3).” Every time I listen to this song, I feel like I’m transported back to the 2010s, wearing a feather clip-in in my hair and a temporary gold tattoo around my arm. What is interesting part about this song? Its lyrics. A good portion of songs being produced around that time were men objectifying women in their lyrics, putting a catchy beat underneath, and getting put on the top charts. “Blah Blah Blah” feels like Kesha’s rebuttal to that. The confident that oozes from this song makes it so addicting to listen to.

“Cannibal,” Kesha’s extended album of “Animal,” became just as popular, going Platinum in the U.S. This album was widely anticipated by all the fans of her debut album, as the artist left little snippets of what was featured on the upcoming album. With the amount of love “Animal” received, many wondered if the album would be able to reach the same popularity as the previous one; It’s safe to say, Kesha did not disappoint. “Cannibal” has eight songs, one being featured on the previous album and four remixes. Kesha came back with her bold lyrics and electropop beat, while simultaneously creating a new and different vibe for each song. Her song “Blow,” plays with different sounds, building this melody that feels almost extraterrestrial. I’ve never heard a song like it. “The Harold Song” shows Kesha’s versatility and range, as it beautifully displays the pain of the end of a young love. She shows vulnerability in her lyrics and raw emotion in her voice. The ability to make an album with such different songs yet still have them flow together is truly impressive. I can’t name many artists who could make “Sleazy,” a heavily rap-focused song and “Crazy Beautiful Life,” an airy dance-pop song, on the same album and make it work like how Kesha did.

My favorite song on this album is no doubt the title track, “Cannibal.” Kesha takes on this siren-like persona, reversing the traditional “roles” of women being below men, dominated by them. She repeats over and over that she “is cannibal,” almost drilling it into the listeners minds. She wants it to be known she is a commanding force and she won’t succumb to gender norms. These two albums influenced a great part of my childhood. Kesha was a breath of fresh air for many women, she is an empowering being that continues to produce anti-stereotypical masterpieces while still maintaining a fun sound. “Animal,” and

“Cannibal,” continue to be two of my top favorite albums ever. If you ever want to revisit that feeling of being young and bursting with all these new emotions or if you just want a fun beat to dance to, I highly recommend turning to these albums. The 2010s would have been nothing without Kesha and her musical talent. Both albums continue being iconic. Everyone say thank you, Kesha!

5/5 Stars.

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