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Hoover High School's trusted views since 1948

The Viking Views

Hoover High School's trusted views since 1948

The Viking Views

Saluting Sacrifice: The Legacy of North Canton Memorial Stadium
Produced by students in Hoover High School's Video-Journalism programs. “Saluting Sacrifice: The Legacy of North Canton Memorial Stadium” is a documentary about a community landmark deeply rooted in honoring our veterans. The story begins in 1947 with the dedication of Memorial Stadium, shortly after WWII. Hoover’s stadium was recently updated and includes a special memorial named Legacy Landing in remembrance of North Canton’s fallen heroes.
The Battle Cry: Viking Views podcast
"The Battle Cry" is a student-run podcast of The Viking Views, Hoover High School's news magazine. The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in this broadcast belong solely to the author[s] and guests, and not necessarily the North Canton City School District, staff, and organizations discussed during the program.
Meet the Staff
Kaeleigh Heckaman
Kaeleigh Heckaman
Focus Editor

My name is Kaeleigh and I love writing. I am a freshman and I am also in Yearbook. I play volleyball, run track, and love trying new sports.

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Bates' Words of Wisdom
AnnaSophia Bates, Editor-in-Chief • January 4, 2024

Chances are, anyone who has lived in North Canton has passed by the types of signs mentioned in my column title and more at least ten times a day. From the McDonald’s on Applegrove to the Diebold facility on Main Street, it...

Figuring Out Finance
Students, staff offer advice on money management
Leah Faye, Chief Focus Editor • January 4, 2024

Teens being financially responsible has become more important than ever. From earning money for gas, to saving up for retirement, financial responsibility has impacted everyone’s lives one way or another. Becoming financially...

Embracing the Trades
Known for its strong and award-winning Career Tech programs, Hoover looks to add welding courses with Gov. DeWine's state grant announcement Nov. 6
April St. Clair, Entertainment Editor • January 4, 2024

For thousands of years, trade jobs have been the path chosen by people all across the globe. With an industry that never truly goes out of style, Hoover High School offers trade education opportunities for all who are interested. The...

A Balancing Act
Students learn importance of time management
Savannah Carroll, Managing Editor • January 4, 2024

You just finished hours of school work and you are finally able to stand up and stretch after the exhaustion. Your entire body is aching and your hand is sore from all the writing. While you may feel relieved you finished your...

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An Emphasis on Life
Grace Dannemiller, International News Correspondent • January 4, 2024

In an era saturated with information, where global events unfold before our eyes, it is disheartening that certain tragedies often fail to receive the attention they deserve. The...

The People Have Spoken
Ben Hollis, Chief OP-ED Editor • January 4, 2024

  State of Ohio Issue 1   In a highly debated topic across the nation, Ohio voters decided to protect the right to abortion where the YES vote got 56.62%...

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Senior Alex Boske attempts to pin a fellow competitor as he participates in the Holiday Wresting Tournament hosted at Hoover Dec. 18-20
Alex Boske: 100th Wrestling Win
Savannah Carroll, Managing Editor • February 9, 2024

Wrestling is a sport that goes beyond the box score, from exhausting practices to irritating road trips, the winter season for wrestlers is mentally and physically straining. Being enforced to weigh in at a certain number, and maintain a diet can be a task. However, these challenges are greatly surpassed by success on the mat. One student in particular has gone above and beyond in wrestling. Senior...

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Money Talks
Ben Hollis, Chief of OP-ED • January 24, 2024

After the wake of the FIFA World Cup, soccer has become a sport that I have become a big fan of. I have enjoyed my time as a fan of the sport that is known as the “beautiful game.” However, a movement has begun in the sport that tainted the sport for me. Many of the sports’ best talent and clubs have been influenced by mega-rich owners and teams in Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries. Such...

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Quarterback Carson Durland breaking through the game-day banner vs. Louisville
Journey for The Rail: A Photo Essay
Sophie Imhoff, Chief Entertainment Editor • January 23, 2024

Following a successful season for the Vikes' football team, Viking Views staffer Sophie Imhoff showcases some of the team's best highlights. All photos by Sophie Imhoff

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ReVIEWS: Wonka
ReVIEWS: Wonka
Lauren West, Staff Writer • February 12, 2024

The world of pure imagination was once again brought to the big screen on December 15, 2023, as popular actor, Timothée Chalamet took on the lead role in new film, Wonka. The...

Carys' Recipes
Carys Eynon, Sports Editor • January 11, 2024

Recipe: Buckeyes Ingredients: 2 sticks of butter 6 cups of powdered sugar 2 cups of peanut butter 1 package of chocolate chips ⅛ stick of paraffin wax Method: Mix...

reVIEWs: Priscilla
Savannah Carroll, Managing Editor • January 4, 2024

After seeing the anticipated blockbuster of summer 2022, “Elvis,” I was eager to watch “Priscilla,” since there is a completely different perspective. “Priscilla”...