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Football Phenomenon

Drew Stangelo, Chief Sports Editor
May 17, 2021

Although the Super Bowl feels like it was ages ago, the National Football League (NFL) is still buzzing. With the new league year starting, free agency, contract extensions and franchise tag deadlines are all rapidly approaching. The NFL season might be over, but that doesn’t mean the action does. This offseason in particular will help shape franchises for the next decade. How so? Many teams are...

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Kosta Volas, Managing Editor
May 17, 2021

Gymnastics “I think Hoover had a great season, even dealing with all of the regulations regarding COVID-19. Personally, for my first season on the team, I just hoped to have a successful season, which would consist of performing to the best of my ability. I also was very excited to grow closer to the girls on the team.” — Freshman Ava Peters Competition Cheer “Although this year has looked differently in many ways, we have definitely had a very enjoyable and successful season. These...

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Live from the ‘NC’

Matt Kiraly, Chief Sports Editor
January 26, 2021

High school football in Ohio is a tradition unlike any other. Whether a big city or a small town, communities across the Buckeye State pack into stadiums to watch student athletes battle it out on the gridiron for 48 minutes under the Friday night lights. But in a world where peoples’ daily lives are impacted by COVID-19, high school football has seen a lot of change. Hoover High School athletic...

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