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The Viking Views

Hoover High School's trusted views since 1948

The Viking Views

Hoover High School's trusted views since 1948

The Viking Views

Legacy Landing: Memorial Stadium
Memorial Stadium served the North Canton community for the past 76 years, and the memories will last a lifetime. In the next chapter, the new grandstand will have a roof, wider aisles, handrails and handicap-accessible seating. North Canton City Schools is grateful for the continued support of our community in making these improvements possible. More information about the athletic facilities project and opportunities to donate: https://hoovervikings.com/masterplan/
The Battle Cry: Viking Views podcast
"The Battle Cry" is a student-run podcast of The Viking Views, Hoover High School's news magazine. The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in this broadcast belong solely to the author[s] and guests, and not necessarily the North Canton City School District, staff, and organizations discussed during the program.
Jamie Landers: Journalism Superstar
HHS alumna discusses her career as a breaking news reporter and the journey she took to get there
Kosta Volas, Editor in Chief • January 24, 2023

As ink floods the pages of newspapers and broadcasts are sent out to every television, there are thousands of journalists reporting news from all over the world with various backgrounds, each with their own passions, specialties,...

Virtual News
Briann Kline and Isabella Taki January 24, 2023

Since the turn of the century, technological advancements have increased exponentially across the board. In tune with the rise of modern tech, media itself has seen a drastic shift into the online world. Along with this, the foundations...

In a social media-driven time where journalism credibility is often brought into question, it is crucial to discern fact from fiction
Carys Eynon and Natalie Kiraly January 24, 2023

Between the rise of social media and the decline of print newspapers, it’s difficult to find credible and true facts. What is truth? What is actual “fake news?” What is labeled as fake news — yet actually is truth with...

The Aftermath
The Aftermath
Reports of violence heighten anxiety among students
Olivia Pfannenschmidt, Chief Copy Editor • December 14, 2022

Seventy-five percent of people ranging from age 15 to 21 expressed that mass shootings are a significant source of anxiety that consumes their life, according to “What Gun Violence Does to Our Mental Health.” Seventy-five...

Legislation Legacy
Legislation Legacy
House Bill 227 would allow all law-abiding Ohioans to carry a concealed handgun without a permit
Niko Pitinii and Mandalin Mitchell December 14, 2022

When discussing gun control, it is vital that one views the issue from a legislative standpoint alongside their personal beliefs. The understanding of laws, as well as how citizens of all ages can make a difference in their country,...

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Election Overviews
Reese Henne, Chief of Focus • January 26, 2023

The Past of our Press
Rory Galbraith and Alexis Spangler January 24, 2023

Nearly two centuries ago, Ohio first saw the town of New Berlin. Soon followed an established press, which would circulate throughout the community. Today, North Canton provides...

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Go Vikes! HHS Athletics
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Cleveland Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski and Deshaun Watson didnt have much success in 2022.  Watson had seven TD passes vs. five interceptions in his six games. He was sacked 20 times and the offense scored only eight TDs.
The New Generation of Deshaun Watson Begins
Noah Lewis , Entertainment Editor • January 26, 2023

In March 2022, the Cleveland Browns traded three first-round picks (2022-2024), one third-round pick (2023), and two fourth-round picks in 2022 and 2024 to the Houston Texans in exchange for quarterback Deshaun Watson and a 2024 sixth-round pick. This trade came after multiple years with quarterback Baker Mayfield, as the Cleveland Browns sought a change after another four years of continued disappointment....

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Drew Stangelo, Editor in Chief • January 24, 2023

On a Monday night in Cincinnati, the Buffalo Bills and the hometown Bengals squared off in an uber-important match-up that had massive implications for the upcoming playoffs. However, in a scary turn of events, the once important game seemingly became irrelevant. During the first quarter, Cincinnati wide-receiver Tee Higgins caught a pass over the middle and was brought down by Bills defensive back,...

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Free Agency Frenzy
Free Agency Frenzy
Tyler Evans, Chief Sports Editor • January 24, 2023

The 2023 Major League Baseball (MLB) free agency season is winding down and it has been perhaps the most exciting offseason in history. Teams have committed over 3.5 million dollars to free agents this winter, breaking the record for most money spent collectively in one offseason. With this, we saw many players jump ship and sign with new teams. However, we also saw some big-name free agents re-sign...

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Spotify Wrapped
Spotify Wrapped
Laurisa Frank, Staff Writer • January 26, 2023

Nearing the holiday season, many people look forward to seeing their top songs and artists. Most people repost their Spotify Wrapped on their Instagram or Snapchat stories to share...

For the Maiden Voyage
'For the Maiden Voyage'
Julia Frantz and Lauren West January 26, 2023

It was known as the unsinkable ship however, the Titanic will go down in history as a catastrophic tragedy. Hoover Hall's production of “Titanic the Musical” is a beautifully...

Pixar Perfect
Pixar Perfect
AnnaSophia Bates, Managing Editor • January 26, 2023

Pixar: Arguably the best children's’ film production company of the last 30 years. With blockbusters such as “Inside Out,” “Up” and “Toy Story,” Disney’s Pixar...