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Super Service Week

National Honor Society’s Commitment to Community Service

Super Service Week is a week full of helping out the public in many ways. From picking up trash to helping out with children, these students do so much for the city of North Canton and its people.

The National Honor Society had started Super Service Week as just a simple day, but as time went on it became the week we know it today.

But to start, The National Honor Society prides itself on four main pillars at its heart; “Scholarship, Service, Leadership and Character.” As stated on the official website. Scholarship: representing a lifelong commitment to learning. Service: stepping outside a comfort zone in order to help others. Leadership: to embody the spirit of initiative, innovation, influence and inspire others. And finally, Character: diversity, relationships and qualities like perseverance, respect, integrity and honesty. The essences that make us who we are.

Advisor of the National Honor Society, Allison Medley said, “We hold special events and advertise to the school in hope of inspiring others to participate in service projects in their community.”

Everyone can participate in events much like Super Service Week to help the community. Like cleaning up the community like the National Honor Society did at Hoover High School and the YMCA. Or maybe volunteering at a nursing home just like the society did at Sanctuary Grande.

For more school-related things, the Honor Society did things like preparing goodie bags and a Spotify playlist for teachers. They also prepared them a breakfast. For elementary students, bags were filled with snacks to be used as a “pick me up” for students. This was part of a group called “Elementary Outreach” which also watched children of PTO parents when they were having a meeting.

There are different setups of teams that all help organize these events which allows everyone to participate. The president of the National Honor Society, Jordan Kerekes, shared some insight on how being president works. “I organize agendas for meetings,” Kerekes said, “Discuss what we had to do for certain monthly meetings, and give out timelines of what we will be doing and what needs to be done.”

Possibly in the future, more schools will come together to help out the community in these events and maybe the week will expand and become a butterfly version of its caterpillar self today. It would be great to see more involvement from the students and others to see how they will help make the community better.

The National Honor Society has expanded a day of volunteering into a week of volunteering. With the help of citizens, we can see our home become a better place.

“I am excited to see how future groups take the service week and expand it more so into other communities as well,” Kerekes said.


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