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ReVIEWs: Zach Bryan


Zach Bryan released a self-titled album on Aug. 25, through Belting Bronco and Warner. The album consists of a mix of folk and country music. It has a captivating collection of songs that truly showcase his raw talent and heartfelt storytelling.

You get drawn into each song immediately just by his voice alone. Many guest appearances include The Lumineers, Sierra Ferrell, Kacey Musgraves and The War and Treaty. The intent was not to reach high on the charts, but instead to share his thoughts with those who cared to hear them. Zach told his listeners that he didn’t care if they liked the album or not because he didn’t write it for them, he wrote it for himself so he could express his feelings. He said that if his fans were hoping for a chart-topping album, then they would be highly dissatisfied as that was not what he was going for.

Country music used to be something that I greatly despised. The only time I would ever listen to it was if someone else were to put it on, and even then I might complain depending on the song. This was until I came across Zach Bryan.

His music is the perfect mix because he isn’t too country but instead more mellow. Not only does Bryan’s voice stand out but his songwriting is as equally remarkable. His lyrics paint vivid pictures and tell stories that resonate with listeners on a profound level. Furthermore, the instrumentals on this album are outstanding. The blend of acoustic and electric guitars, along with the subtle yet impactful use of other instruments such as piano and string, adds depth to the overall sound.

The production quality is also worth noting, as it perfectly complements Bryan’s voice and songwriting. But even with the incredible instrumentation and production, he makes it clear that his voice and words are what he wants to stand out. His ability to connect with his audience on such an emotional level is what sets this album apart from others in the genre.

I thoroughly enjoyed this album and specifically the song “Spotless” featuring the Lumineers, which happens to be a well-known band for me. It’s about not being perfect or making the best decisions but still making the most of everything that you have. A close second favorite would have to be “Smaller Acts” because it’s about how a girl prefers, “things that are worthwhile.” Both of these have so much thought behind them and will most definitely be in my song rotation for quite some time. The lyrics in many of these songs sound almost like poems with how much meaning there is within the words.

The album is truly a work of art. With this album, “Zach Bryan,” he really has proven himself to be a talented and introspective musician. It is a compelling and personal journey for the listeners. It’s a testament to the enduring power of folk music in its ability to convey universal emotions and experiences. With his talent, storytelling and captivating voice, the track leaves a lasting impression. I seriously don’t think Zach Bryan could have done much better with this album.

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