ReVIEWS: Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd

ReVIEWS: Did You Know That Theres a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd

Madi Vardavas, Focus Editor

Although Lana Del Rey is not my favorite artist, I would like to consider myself a fan of hers. From the girl who brought you “Summertime Sadness,” a whole new album has recently been dropped. Lana Del Rey released her new album, “Did You know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd” March 24.
This is the first album that she has released since 2021, which consists of 16 songs. The most popular song on the album is “A&W.” I, personally, am not the biggest fan of this song. It is a very pretty song, but I feel as if it is too long. After about three to four minutes, it just repeats itself.
Rey has two interludes in this album, “Jon Batiste Interlude” and “Judah Smith Interlude,” but my personal favorite is “Let The Light In.” I think the song is just more beautiful than the rest of the songs. The vibe that the song gives off is unmatched.
Overall, I would recommend the album to others. It is a work of art, and Rey is one of the most talented artists in the industry. This album proves it.

Rating: Four and a Half Stars