ReVIEWS: You’d be Home Now


Laurisa Frank, Staff Writer

You’d Be Home Now” is a great read.
This book is a mix of everything. It shows love, drama, comedy and yet still brings light to the topic of teenage addiction. “You’d Be Home Now” goes very deep into this serious issue, while also keeping it lighthearted in some areas. The main characters, Emory and Joey Ward have a horrific experience that reveals how bad Joey’s drug addiction is. He is sent off to rehab and his mother expects him to come home a whole new person. This puts a lot of pressure on him, and Emory, who is told to watch over him during his recovery. Along the way of Joey and Emory’s journey, we find out about a love interest of Emory’s. The next door neighbor, Gage Galt. Emory has a secret relationship with Gage. Gage is a baseball star, with a successful and well known family, which is all Emory’s mother seems to care about.
Toward the middle of the book, Gage and Emory have a horrible falling out that involves Joey and a relapse. Joey relapses after being triggered by someone very unexpected the night of prom. Emory goes back and forth on wanting to turn him in, and not wanting him to get in trouble. Joey convinces Emory to not tell their parents. Emory agrees, which later she regrets. During this point of Emory trying everything she can think of to keep Joey clean for good, she still is struggling with the ending of her and Gage’s relationship. Emory reunites with an old friend and her mental health improves for the time being.
Joey relapses and runs away. Emory and her family look everywhere and try everything they can think of to get him to come home. When Joey turns 18, they can no longer legally send him back to rehab without him agreeing. After almost getting a happy ending a twist happens and turns the plot around. If you are interested in finding out how Joey and Emory’s journey ends, I suggest you give this book a read.


Rating: Five Stars