Senior Spotlight: Gavin Finley

Briann Kline, Focus Editor

Whether one recognizes him from his signature curly locks or his bi-weekly “baked potato” Instagram posts, it is undeniable that senior Gavin Finley is a Hoover icon.
One of the biggest involvements from Finley is his role in Hoover Orchestra. Playing in the NCCS district since fifth grade, Finley is now a second-chair bassist for both Chamber Orchestra and Full Orchestra.
Hoover’s music instructor Mr. Ron Varn explained how Finley stands out in his class.
“Gavin is an extremely bright and vivacious student,” he said. “He is kind and highly intelligent. His sense of humor brightens the class.”
While numerous different commitments may cause challenges, Finley has his own method to stay on top of things.
“A crucial factor in balancing many clubs and activities is having effective modes of communication between the leaders or coaches and fellow members,” he said. “That way you can keep up with changes in plans and inform anybody of any conflicting events.”
In addition to a hectic schedule, Finley opens up about the stress that comes with his high involvement.
“There is always the horrible feeling that you are letting someone down or that you let yourself down whenever you forget a practice session, meeting, or event,” he said. “However, the benefits almost always outweigh the drawbacks.”
And the benefits do come around, as Hoover’s Academic Challenge team won the Federal League Championship for the second year in a row after an undefeated regular season. Finley, who takes on a role of leadership in the club, stated the team’s accomplishment was “one of the best moments” of his senior year. In addition to extracurriculars, Finley excels in the academic realm, as discussed by English teacher, Mrs. Gretchen Leckie-Ewing.
“Gavin is very interested in learning,” she said. “He loves to explore new concepts and to challenge the easy answers his classmates sometimes gravitate to.”
Leckie-Ewing also talks about how Finley’s peers regard him.
“Gavin’s peers seem to have a great deal of respect for his vast background knowledge,” she said. “From the messy curls he is forever pushing out of his face to the good questions he asks to the connections he is able to verbalize, all are aware of Gavin during class.”
For those with fewer commitments, it can seem overwhelming. However, Finley has a different way of looking at it.
“I love meeting different people, and clubs and extracurriculars are the best way to branch out to other students at Hoover,” he said. “Developing new skills and representing Hoover in competitions are also definitely some of my favorite parts of clubs and extracurriculars. Having many clubs helps me feel like I am making the most out of my high school years, which, as I know now, go so quickly.”

Photography: Molly Andrews
Senior Gavin Finley focuses on his music as he plays the bass. Finley is also part of the Academic Challenge team. Photography: Molly Andrews