Spotify Wrapped

Laurisa Frank, Staff Writer

Nearing the holiday season, many people look forward to seeing their top songs and artists. Most people repost their Spotify Wrapped on their Instagram or Snapchat stories to share their favorite songs and artists with their friends. Spotify wrapped is a presentation that Spotify puts together around the end of every year. This slideshow shows you your top 2022 genres, your top 2022 songs, your top 2022 artists and what percentage you were out of their listeners this year, and your top podcasts, and then Spotify takes all your songs and podcasts you’ve been repeatedly listening to throughout the year and they decide a listening personality.

Spotify uses all the songs you’ve listened to and creates a huge playlist with all of them in it. These playlists vary in length based on how long you spent listening to music on Spotify this year. An included feature Spotify does is tell  you how long you listened to music and podcasts this year. Spotify breaks this up even more by telling you how long  you spent listening to your top played artist and your top played song. You also find out how long you listened to your top podcast. Most artists leave an end-of-year thank-you video message for their top 2022 listeners. Over 40,000 favorite artists left a message this year. After Spotify plays you the artist message, your top song from them plays. Spotify also tells you what mood of music you listened to throughout the day. For example they will tell you that you started your mornings with Confident Hype Lit, or that you ended your nights listening to Yearning Melancholy Gloomy. A German Spotify fan has claimed to listen to over 420,000 minutes this year, while an average person listens to roughly 57,660 minutes per year.

“My total minutes on Spotify this year was 52,838 minutes,” freshman Skylar Nutter said.

Many teens at Hoover High School look forward to getting their Spotify Wrapped.

“My top artist was Taylor Swift,” Nutter said. Taylor Swift was in the Spotify 2022 Wrapped Global Top Lists, along with Bad Bunny, Drake, The Weeknd and BTS. Students at Hoover High School voted on an Instagram poll to share what their favorite part of Spotify Wrapped was. After finding out their top artist, their top song, and how many minutes you listened to this year, they chose finding out how many minutes they listened to.

“My favorite part of Spotify Wrapped was seeing how many minutes I listened to this year,” Nutter said.