Grace Dannemiller

Dracula: A Photo Essay

January 11, 2023

In November of 2022, Hoover High School’s Drama Club put on a fabulous rendition of “Dracula.” Sophomore Grace Dannemiller, who photographed the production, took too many phenomenal pictures to print them all in our story on “Dracula” in Issue Two. These are the highlights of “Dracula.”

Sophomore Kylan Solida’s character “John” grows suspicious of senior Livi Pedone’s character, Lucy
Lucy delivers a dramatic monologue, entrancing the audience.
Senior Lauren Bundschuh, playing Renfield, attempts to distract the protagonists with a crazed monologue.
John and junior AnnaSophia Bates’ “Van Helsing” hold up crosses in an attempt to defend themselves from the malicious Dracula.
John and Van Helsing weigh their options as senior Rumour Cordova’s “Dracula” threatens to kill sophomore Emma Schenk’s “Dr. Seward” in an epic showdown.
Van Helsing protects John as Dracula approaches.
John and Dracula duel as Van Helsing kneels by Seward’s dying body.
Van Helsing defends herself with a cross as Dracula looms ominously over her.
Van Helsing reads from a holy book, draining Dracula of some of his power temporarily.
Van Helsing dodges Dracula’s attempts to take the book as Dracula continues to weaken.
Van Helsing and John press a cross to a possessed Lucy’s head as Seward holds her steady.
Lucy falls as she is released from Dracula’s possession of her mind.
Junior Braylie Law takes a bow as Margaret Sullivan.
The cast applauds as Cordova begins to bow.
In a chilling conclusion, Cordova makes an ominous eye contact with the audience in the show’s final moments.

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