Senior Spotlight

Reese Henne, Chief Focus Editor

Senior Jacob Davidson has a busy life.
In addition to his academics, he is involved in band, varsity lacrosse, and various school clubs. In regards to the band, he is part of the marching band, symphonic band, and SPIRIT Team. Davidson also holds a leadership role in the band.
“As the percussion section leader I am responsible for all of the percussion section, and ensuring day-to-day tasks run smoothly,” he said. “This year, we had a lot of young members on the drumline, so it was important for me to create an environment where everyone could thrive. I applied for my position by writing an essay and completing a service project, as well as becoming a member of the SPIRIT Team. My duties included showing up to every event early to make sure things were all set up properly and to build relationships and respect with the whole section.”
His involvement in band offered a unique perspective on his high school experience.
“As someone who is involved with both sports and band, having to balance time became an issue I ran into often, but that never seemed to matter in the end,” Davidson said. “Music opened up opportunities to meet so many different people, as well as make connections with people you barely know. Through music, I have become part of an amazing community that values the education of everyone. I have never met someone in the music world that would shy away from helping to teach others.”
As he spoke about balance, much of his time is devoted to sports, as he plays on the boys varsity lacrosse team.
“I have been playing since the fourth grade, making this upcoming spring my ninth season,” Davidson said. “I mostly play attack [receiving the ball from the midfielders in transition, and setting up the offense], but in general, I specialize in the offense.”
Senior Noah Johnson, who is a close friend and fellow classmate, describes Davidson in one word: “busy.”

Arabella Keim

“Jake is always doing one thing or another whether it’s going to band, going to the gym, having a band rehearsal, or just hanging out with family and friends,” he said. “On most school nights Jake often has more than one club or activity he participates in and is always active from the time he gets up to the time he goes to bed.”
As a veteran athlete, part of the sport is not only mastering it, but also providing leadership and guidance to one’s teammates.
“As a senior, I try to mentor younger athletes by setting a good example on and off the field,” he said. “On the field, I try to lead by example, following the coach’s rules, and always giving one hundred percent. This also goes for off-the-field, such as in the weight room. I make sure I always follow proper safety and technique, while still pushing myself. I also believe that athletes should never let sports get in the way of academics, and I make sure younger athletes know how important that really is.”
Academics are also important to Davidson, and a significant part of his schedule is engineering. This award-winning program is taught by Ms. Lauren Maxwell and Mr. Todd Alkire. Maxwell spoke about Davidson’s involvement in the senior Engineering Capstone class, a course in which students work in teams to research, design, and construct a solution to an open-ended engineering problem creating a marketable product.
“He definitely helps other students in the class,” she said. “He offers suggestions and ‘things to think about’ to the other students in the class. He is mature and he is comfortable talking to adults. He doesn’t mind asking questions in class and offering advice to others. Engineers should be questioning the world around them. They should want to know how something works and how they can improve it. Jake is good at that.”
As graduation in May is not far off, Davidson offers advice to current and future Hoover students.
“Get involved,” he said. “High school can be exactly what you make of it, so give yourself those opportunities to grow and find what makes you the best version of yourself.” n