A Big Commitment

Lauren West, Chief Entertainment Editor

Lily Cain began her lacrosse career in fifth grade, joining a sport fairly new to the district, unknowing of what greatness would lie ahead. Today, she has made an unbelievable impact on the Hoover girls varsity team, and has led her team to several victories.
One of the many victories that will forever hold a place in her heart was the overtime win against Canfield during her junior season. The game was close from the very first minute, players were becoming aggressive, fans were glued to the edge of their seats. Once overtime began, either team had only a few minutes to make a goal, automatically winning the game. Cain scored the winning goal, carrying her team to their first overtime win of the season. This memory will be cherished by not only herself, but her entire team for many years to come.
Cain officially announced her commitment to Ashland University on Aug. 20. She was extremely impressed by the positive atmosphere and incredible coaching staff that the team offered; however, what sealed the deal was the immediate feeling of home. During her first official visit on campus Cain saw more than a team or a sport, but a family and an incredible opportunity to further her lacrosse career.
Cain is most looking forward to getting the opportunity to compete at the next level, playing against higher competition, and gaining a whole new family to get to know and love as time goes on.
Cain did not learn the sport overnight, she put in endless hours of hard work in the off-season to get to where she is today. For any underclassmen looking to advance to collegiate athletics, she would recommend to always give your 100 percent effort, even when tired, even when one may not want to. Because in the end, it will pay off. She also recommends putting in as much work as possible in the off-season, because this is when an athlete will truly grow as a player.

Austin England started his lacrosse journey in the second grade; however, he truly found a passion for the sport as a fifth grader. At only ten years old, England began traveling with his club team, Burning River, where he just completed his final season this past summer. Due to the pandemic, England, like many other student athletes of his class, was robbed of a freshman season. Missing a whole year of a sport may take a toll on a dedicated athlete, yet England did not let this slow him down. In only his first year of playing with the boys lacrosse team, he not only made his way to a spot on the varsity roster, but impressively started every game of the season.
When it came time to plan for his next steps in his career, England felt most at home at Cleveland State University. He was drawn to this school for a variety of reasons including the previously formed bonds with current players, relative distance to home, not to mention Cleveland States’ phenomenal business program, which is the area that he would like to study.
As a successful student athlete that has made his way to the collegiate level, England was asked what advice he would give to future generations of athletes that would like to make it to the next level. England responded by explaining the importance of taking one’s time with the recruiting process. He finds it important not only to like the team, but the school as a whole. England will be leaving North Canton and is most looking forward to the opportunity to play against “the big named teams” such as Ohio State, Michigan and Notre Dame.