A Marvelous Magazine

Hoover students showcase creativity

Briann Kline, Focus Editor

For years, Hoover’s Literary Magazine has been producing annual editions of their publication showcasing student talent. A multitude of categories including art, photography and writing are all featured throughout the magazine, providing ample opportunity for a diverse recognition of student submissions.
Each year, a staff of 10-15 new and returning members gather to collect student work, determining and assembling the magazine for its digital publication in early May. The months of September through March are spent collecting and examining each submission and voting on which pieces will be included in the magazine. Though typically receiving around 200 submissions, the club selects only the top 50 to publish.
Along with a staff comprising of Hoover students, two Hoover English teachers advise the publication. Co-advisor Mr. Andy Rankin explains the importance of highlighting student work.
“Our school is full of students gifted in many areas, including creativity,” he said. “The Literary Magazine provides one avenue to recognize this talent. Expressing emotions creatively, whether writing prose and poetry or producing art and photography, is a great outlet for all of us.”
All Hoover students grades 9-12 are invited to submit their original writings, photographs and multimedia artworks to the publication via their art or English teacher, one of the co-advisors, or online. Digital entries can be sent by completing the Literary Magazine submission form which is accessible through the NCCS website, found under Hoover High School’s Clubs tab. There, past editions dating back to 2012 are also available for viewing.
Co-advisor Mrs. Tiffany Furlong often encourages her own students to submit their work.
“I think it’s important and beneficial to students to have their voices heard and their artwork seen,” she said. “So many students write/create outside of school, and it rarely finds its way to others. I understand sometimes students prefer to keep their work to themselves, but the opportunity to showcase it is at least available.”
Students featured in the magazine not only gain the benefit of having their talent recognized; Literary Magazine’s impact is not limited to the showcasing of exceptional student work on the NCCS website.
“It provides a way for students to be considered published, which would be a beneficial trait to list on college applications and/or resumes, especially if going into a particular field related to writing, art, etc.,” Walker said. “We have many talented students at HHS who tend to go left unnoticed, so the annual magazine is a great way for students to be recognized for their efforts/talents.”