The Significance of Strength

From physical fitness to mental health, The Viking Views examines ways to live the best life possible

Rory Galbraith, Chief News Editor

Wake up.
Leave for school. Return home. Do homework. Go to sleep.
Repeat…the most basic routine of every high school student.
Of course, people have other activities such as sports, extracurriculars, meals with family or friends, and pure relaxation, which are all part of the daily routine. These activities and day-to-day habits contribute to one’s mental health, yet less frequently discussed is one’s physical health. Of course, most schools require students to take some sort of gym class to receive that credit for a diploma, and the food in the cafeteria has to meet certain health standards. Every other decision, however, is on the individual and how one treats their own well-being not only in the present, but also for the future. Sports and physical activities are the obvious ways to promote physical fitness, but even taking a walk or doing some sit-ups every day can create a lasting impact on one’s overall health for years to come. The key is to make those small steps each day and receive inspiration and small tips from others to better the body and physical ability, so one can lead a healthier and productive lifestyle. The key is utilizing the physical strength to in turn strengthen one’s mental and emotional health. The key is in finding balance.