Crumbl Craze

Popular cookie chain opens at The Strip

Sophia Pitinii and Savannah Goss, OP-ED Editor and Advertising Manager

New place, new things to try.
Crumbl Cookies opened at The Strip in June. First opening in Utah in 2017, the cookie franchise has opened more than 300 bakeries across 36 states in the United States. Crumbl was designed to create unique cookies that offers more than 150 different flavors.
Jackson High School junior Brooke McClain is an avid fan of Crumbl Cookies.
“I keep going back to Crumbl because of the flavors that are constantly changing,” she said. “I always want to try the new ones and see if I find a new favorite.”
The menu rotates five different cookie flavors for people to try each week. This allows for there to be a cookie that everyone can enjoy every week; however, the classic chocolate chip and pink sugar are always on the menu. The Crumbl staff works to create a taste for anything one can imagine. The different flavors are inspired by other fan favorites like cakes, candies, pies, and more. Out of every flavor McClain has tried, she still has a favorite that has yet to beat.
“My favorite Crumbl cookie I’ve tried is Peanut M&M,” she said. “The filling is so good inside and it’s such a soft cookie. It’s not too rich or sweet and it doesn’t have any frosting, which I like.”
This company has many aspects that set it apart from other cookie businesses. As patrons walk into one of their locations, they see the employees hard at work making the cookies right in front of you. The company does this to enhance the consumer’s experience, with the cookies still being warm when they receive them in the boxes. There are four different box sizes that are offered, a single cookie, a four-pack, a box of six cookies, or a party box containing 12 cookies. Customers pick the combinations of different flavors that they want in their box.
Hoover junior Ella Joliat is an employee at Crumbl and has been working there about four months. She talks about what makes Crumbl different from other cookie places and why people stand for the long waits.
“The unique flavors and large sizes make them like no other,” she said. “Employees come in at 4 a.m. and start making dough. It is then balled, baked, cooled and dressed.”
Although Crumbl Cookies is ultimately famous for its cookies, they also have more to offer. The Crumbl menu has six different ice cream flavors that one can purchase at any time. Customers can also purchase a
“Crumbl Cookie” cookie cutter that they can use to cut the massive cookies into bite-size pieces.
Crumbl Cookies Assistant Manager Haylee Hornveck talks about what makes The Strip in Canton such a great location.
“[It] is such a good location because there are plenty of other businesses around here,” she said. “We have the highway right across the street, and there are many colleges and high schools near us.”
For every business, there is always an important aspect to keep the business up and running smoothly.
“Customer service and communication for sure,” Hornveck said. “If our customers are happy, we’re happy.”