Scream (2022)

Marissa Carpenter, OP-ED Editor

One of the most famous horror movies “Scream” came out in 1996. Since the first movie, four more have come out in the series.
On Jan. 14, the latest “Scream” movie was released. In the newest “Scream,” we are introduced to multiple new characters, the main two being Tara Carpenter [Jenna Ortega] and her older sister Sam Carpenter [Melissa Barrera].
Tara is home alone and receives an anonymous phone call from the killer [Ghostface] who asks her a series of questions about horror movies. Tara is attacked on the 25th anniversary of the first killing by Ghostface. Sam hears about the attack on her sister, so she and her new boyfriend head out to go see Tara at the hospital.
Somehow, the Carpenter sisters are linked to the original killings.
Tara’s attack was the start of a copycat Ghostface killer that goes after everyone close to them. Hearing about these recent events on the news, characters from the first “Scream” movie come into play to help save these girls and put an end to the killings for all.
The shocking twists and turns of the movie had my mind spinning in awe throughout the movie. Being a fan of the original “Scream” and seeing all the main characters and hidden Easter eggs in the movie made this one of my favorite movies.
I would recommend this movie to anyone that enjoys scary movies or liked the first movie.