Mrs. O is a Mafia Boss?


Isabella Coneglio, Chief Copy Editor

With each infamous tip-tap down the hall, a foreboding scene awaits us. And one Rachelle Ogilvie waits for no one.
It is no secret that Mrs. O is Hoover’s fiercest staff member; however, not much is known about her.
And rumor has it, Ogilvie is involved in far more than she has led us to believe. Perhaps it is the Italian genes deeply embedded in her personality, or maybe it is her bewitching demeanor that has led us to believe she is in fact part of the mafia.
Ogilvie’s close friend and fellow coworker, English teacher Miss Jessica Zettler has alluded even further to the true whereabouts of Hoover’s favorite Golden Girls fanatic.
“O is definitely the mob boss,” she said. “She has a cool, calm and collected demeanor which hides the ruthless crime lord inside. Don’t do something that makes her mad.”
Ogilvie’s prominent features are enough to humble anyone, and her glare is an ultimate silencer.
“Those piercing eyes,” Zettler said. “The color of the contacts that she wears indicates her mood. You DON’T want to mess with her when her eyes are blue.”
O’s looks, however intimidating, may not suffice as proof. And we all know she is extremely good at persuading those around her.
“When I first met her, she was nice and bubbly,” Zettler said. “She was easy to get along with and seemed like someone you wanted to be friends with. Then, I kept seeing messengers going to and from her classroom, and that got me wondering what was going on. No one comes and goes that often from a classroom.”
Ogilvie has even implied herself that she has deeply-rooted ties. Rumors among her colleagues are not uncommon whispers in Hoover’s hallways.
“She is not someone I would want to cross,” Zettler said.
It has been said she fills her time while in the library observing the outside world, overseeing all who enter and leave the school. If Ogilvie stands for anything, she keeps her friends close and perhaps her enemies closer. That being said, Zettler is convinced she has debunked Ogilvie’s true exertion.
“She holds her cards close, but I just know she’s a mob boss based on observation,” she said.
Do not fret though, Ogilvie truly is a nice person, as long as one abides by her classroom rules and brings her the occasional bribe — most preferably, Coca-Cola with a side of undying loyalty to the boss herself.