Falsifying Media

In today’s culture, people across the world are constantly flooded with information about the latest gossip regarding celebrities and public figures. Society is being swayed by sensationalist news rather than educating individuals with relevant information about the world around them.
This stigma begs the question: How far is the media willing to go to create the perfect story?
During the Yellow Journalism era, publishers such as William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer released sensational stories and headlines to appease the public.
Yellow Journalism’s appealing yet deceptive stories spread fake news and exaggerated facts to sell more newspapers. However, the term “fake news” has started to resurface in the modern world. Although many news anchors and writers have been removed from their jobs for telling outright lies and fallacies, the idea of false information has tantalized the public. Many popular news sources who have provided gossip-like stories have seen a high increase in views.
Although this brings in more money for the news sources, the reliability of information has decreased. This inverse relationship has also become true across many social media platforms.
The rise of digital networks has had a significant effect on this modern-day yellow journalism frenzy. People across the world are now getting news from social platforms rather than television or print news. Although this may increase the spread of important information, how can these reports be trusted? Currently, anyone can go on to social networks, make an account, and publish fake news whenever they’d like. The ability to be manipulated by other people has never been easier.
In modern society, the ability to access reliable information has become increasingly valuable, so why has this unbiased and dependable news become a luxury? Nevertheless, there are still many ways people can access free and honest information. Rather than searching up any question in a second from Google, take the time to look through scholarly writings or articles from reliable sources like The Associated Press.
Then, as you develop your own opinion, read articles from both sides of the issue or event to understand what occurred. It is about time that people across the world begin to think for themselves rather than letting the media or advertisements tell the public how to think or act because, in all honesty, the human race is more powerful than anyone could ever imagine. Allowing original thought to flow through the average citizen’s mind can educate an individual and help lead to a better society.
We, The Viking Views, believe that it is vital that everyone be able to access reliable and accurate information. The ability to gain knowledge and the advancement of people developing their own opinions will help humanity to create a better society. People must stay away from the rise of modern-day sensational yellow journalism.
After all, how can humanity go towards the future if we constantly repeat the past?