Editors’ Eats: McAlister’s Deli

On a scale from one to ten, McAlister’s barely makes the three-point mark. From the stick-like cheese to the mediocre flavors, I was highly disappointed with my food. My sandwich, the harvest chicken salad, was very basic in taste and not necessarily something I personally liked.
The salad I ordered, the Caesar salad, was pretty normal and nothing too special, especially for its price. They also didn’t give me enough dressing to cover the salad, so a lot of it was just lettuce.
As a sweet treat, I decided on a nice chocolate brownie. The brownie itself was very soft and tasted pretty good. It honestly was the only good part of the meal in my opinion. All in all, I wouldn’t order from McAlister’s again — definitely not worth the money in my eyes.
— Madison Rice




I’m a big fan of delis; however, I’m not sure about this one. My sandwich, the grilled chicken club, was alright in flavor. There wasn’t a lot of chicken on my sandwich, so the ratio of my sandwich was off.
The sauce dominated the sandwich, it was a sweet honey mustard, which wouldn’t be my first pick of sauce, but it wasn’t the worst. The bread was a little burnt, so that also completely altered the taste of my sandwich.
For my side, I ordered country potato soup. I love soup, but not this one. The potatoes were hard, and the soup itself tasted like it came out of a can. I didn’t really enjoy the soup and would not order it again.
For the drink, I ordered their iced tea with a shot of the peach juice, which was pretty enjoyable. Overall, I would not go out of my way to order the food again, and if I wanted to get a sandwich with soup I would get it from somewhere else.
— Katie McMullin


Do you like baked potatoes?
Due to a mishap through the delivery app, my order from McAlister’s was made up of their sweet tea with peach flavor and two of their plain baked potatoes. The baked potatoes were your average potatoes, and mediocre would be the best way to describe them.
I paid $14 for two fairly average, if not a little smaller than they should be, potatoes and a drink. If I were to go back to McAlister’s, which I don’t think I will, I would need to see bigger portions or lower prices. The only redeeming point of the order to me was the tea. It was very rich and the shot of peach juice that was mixed in had a very good flavor and is something I would drink again.
Overall, I had high hopes for McAlister’s, but it just wasn’t what I was hoping it would be, and I do not think I would go back.
— Alexa Ogilvie