Your Year in Music

World’s top music streaming service releases users listening statistics for 2021

Briann Kline, Entertainment Editor

Spotify has been showcasing its users’ listening statistics for years. The concept was first introduced in 2013, and was officially released in 2015 as “Your Year in Music.” Then, in 2017, it became “ Spotify Wrapped.” The annual event delves into an overview of artists, songs, genres, and podcasts that defined the listener’s year. Spotify starts its data collection on Jan. 1, and by Oct. 31, your listening habits are set in stone. Results were released Dec. 21.
The first feature for 2021 Wrapped is your own personalized movie soundtrack, bringing you through scenarios such as opening credits and training montage. It also gives you statistics, memorable ones being how many minutes streamed, top five songs and artists along with how much time you spent with your number ones.
Out of 400 musicians he enjoyed, junior Jackson Curet’s top artist of the year was Owl City, playing them for 11,537 out of his total 138,831 minutes. This makes him in the band’s top 0.005% of listeners, and he couldn’t get enough of their song “Honey And The Bees,” listening to it more than any other Owl City track. However, his most streamed song overall was by the band Beach Bunny, having listened to their single “Sports” 673 times.
Wrapped also goes into your most common genres, and junior A.C. Marks played 61 unique categories. But, above all, alternative metal was the usual theme to their listening. Following alternative metal, Marks has alternative rock and modern rock as their second and third top genres.
Statistics were also released for global listening trends. Olivia Rodrigo, with the release of her debut album SOUR, wins five of the top 50 spots for most streamed songs in 2021 around the world. She rose to the top after her single “Driver’s License” was released and became a superstar.
However, Rodrigo did not snag number one for most played, the title going to rapper Bad Bunny for the second year in a row. He received more than 9.1 billion streams in 2021 through singles alone. His next album is expected to be released in 2022.
With new album releases from Lorde, Lil Nas X, Twenty One Pilots, Billie Eilish, Drake and more, it’s been a big year for the music industry. The Grammys are approaching, with the 64th annual award show rescheduled for April 3. We may see many of the most popular artists and songs featured at the show.
There were many other features in this year’s Spotify Wrapped, including podcast statistics and a multidimensional mode, revealing listeners audio aurora.
The top global podcast for 2021 was “The Joe Rogan Experience,” with 190 episodes from the year ranging from one to five hours long. The average episode reached millions of people and remains one of the most influential podcasts since its premiere in late 2009.
New year means new beginnings, so expanding music tastes or sticking to the classics are both paths to be explored. Either way, the end of the year results are sure to define your 2022.