Forever Greatful

Every year as we approach Nov. 11, we must take a step back from our everyday lives and remember the importance and significance of this day. We think back throughout history, reflecting on all those for whom we are forever grateful — those who sacrificed much, and some who sacrificed all.
Veterans Day.
We must remember that Veterans Day is not just to remember those who passed while serving, but to honor those still with us today, who live with the memories and horrors of everything that could be witnessed. Veterans Day is not about one singular veteran or one singular military branch, the day is for all who served, whether they are physically with us or not.
There are veterans all around the world and all around our city. Some proudly wear the hats or shirts of their distinct branch, while others keep their memories of service locked away, hidden from the public eye.
We honor them all.
Although the day has passed for another year, we encourage you to look for events where veterans are being honored or remembered. While this day is one of the few every year where the nation designates time of reflection and remembrance, thanking veterans for their service should not be something only done on a designated day, but something done whenever a veteran is approached.
Often on Veterans Day, we see people in their best red, white, and blue clothes. We see children in school coloring American flags and writing poems about what America and its heroes mean to them.
There is so much more to this holiday that we need to acknowledge though.
We, The Viking Views, know and believe that all veterans deserve to be treated with the utmost respect and thanked for their service. We understand the multitude of opinions our country has on the nature of war, yet we believe that those who have fought, both voluntarily and involuntarily, for our nation should be recognized and appreciated — and not just on Veterans Day. Regardless of the month, or the day, whether it is a relative, a neighbor or someone you encounter, thank a veteran.
It’s the least we can do.