Living a Healthy Life

Hoover students strive for a healthier community

Savannah Goss, ADs Manager

Healthy living, better life. From food allergies to overall physical and mental health, Hoover’s Aultman Ambassadors work in the school and throughout the community.
Aultman Ambassadors, which was created by a cardiologist who saw more and more cases of heart diseases in young people, is advised by Hoover science teacher Mrs. Sarah Covington. The 2021-22 school year will be their fourth year.
“The mission of the program is to make Stark schools healthier in Ohio,” she said.
Covington said the Aultman Ambassadors Program [AAP] was once available to all students; however, since the pandemic, it is only available to biomedical students.
“In the first 2 years, AAP was available to any interested students, but since the pandemic, we have integrated it into our Biomedical Innovations curriculum,” Covington said. “Senior year biomedical science students are all part of AAP. They apply online to become ambassadors and then participate in research, collaborations with Aultman and Walsh University and a final project called STEM Fair in the spring.”
When asked what the expectations of students were, Covington said students are expected to do their best to research topics that help improve the students and community’s health.
“Students are expected to design and carry out research on one of the core principles: sleep, stress, nutrition, hydration and physical activity.”
Part of the nutrition aspect include stressing the importance of knowledge regarding food allergens and preparation of food. As Aultman Ambassadors, students become involved in making the county a healthier, more knowledgeable place.
“Perks of joining the Aultman Ambassadors Program involve helping students and staff make healthier choices, making contacts at Walsh and Aultman, learning about their own health choices, and being part of a group,” Covington said.
The impact of the program revolves mostly around the activities the Ambassadors do. In past years, one major activity they did was putting water bottle refill stations in throughout the school.
“The impact here at Hoover revolves around our activities.” Covington said.
2021 Hoover graduate Moriah Wood talked about her time in the Aultman Ambassadors Program.
“I was only in the Aultman Ambassador club my senior year of high school, but if I had known about it earlier, I would have loved to dedicate more time to the program,” she said. “What I enjoyed most about being an Aultman Ambassador was that we were able to take the initiative to promote healthy lifestyles in our school and community. I wanted to become part of the program because I was very interested in health and in the medical field in general. When I heard of it, I jumped on the opportunity and applied. For any students interested in promoting, developing and improving healthy lifestyles, I would definitely recommend joining.”
Whether raising awareness regarding food allergies or addressing mental health, “Aultman Ambassadors work to improve the overall health and well-being of youth by implementing ongoing health promotion and prevention, resulting in a healthier community,” according to the Aultman Ambassadors’ website. It’s mission is to “make Greater Stark County Schools the healthiest in the state of Ohio by the year 2032.”