My Daily Life with Food Allergies

AnnaSophia Bates, Copy Editor

It is up to me.
It is up to me to recognize the symptoms and take action before things get deadly. Every morning, I pack my backpack with injections, inhalers, and pills. I prepare for the worst while I hope for the best.
My risk?
I have food allergies.
I am allergic to tree nuts such as pecans and walnuts [no, I am not allergic to peanuts], as well as being allergic to shellfish and having many environmental allergies that keep me hooked to Allegra year-round.
If I consume an allergen, I know almost immediately and prepare for the stomach pain, nausea, swollen mouth, irritated skin, hives, exhaustion, and possible vomiting that are on the way. If I forget to take my allergy medicine, my eyes begin to water uncontrollably, my mucous production goes absolutely berserk, and I breathe as any given member of my immediate family snores.
Naturally, all of these reactions make life a bit harder and more dangerous. Luckily, after violently uncomfortable skin testing, I have an Auvi-Q injector so that I don’t die when I eat a bake sale good run amok.
I regularly accidentally poison myself from forgetting that I have allergies and eating an unfamiliar cookie or brownie from those that decided a perfectly good cookie would be better if a common lethal allergen was added; and better yet, in camouflage.
Darn you, macadamia nuts and white chocolate chips.
I still can’t tell the difference. I know about thirty seconds after taking my first bite to run to the bathroom and take medicine to keep the reaction manageable, albeit extremely uncomfortable and sometimes painful. I then will lie in my bed for hours, trying to calm my stomach pains and not fall asleep, knowing that sleeping while having a reaction could kill me.
Because of all of this, I never eat granola, granola bars, trail mix, or any unfamiliar baked goods. All of these foods are infamous for containing many common allergens discreetly, so, while they are incredibly delicious, I would rather live.
It’s just another day in my life with allergies.