A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder


Marissa Carpenter, OP-ED Editor

I have always struggled to find the perfect book for me.
With this Young Adult novel, “A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder,” containing romance, crime, and mystery, I knew I had found the story for me. A New York Times’ bestseller, this novel written by Holly Jackson begins with high school senior Pippa Fritz-Amboi. Pippa decides to look into a hometown murder case from five years ago as her final year project.
With everyone believing the missing high school girl, Andie Bell, was murdered by her boyfriend Sal Singh, the police closed the case despite her body never being found. As she starts her project, Pippa expresses why she is one of the few people that believe Singh was innocent. As Pippa pieces together secrets of the town, and everyone involved, someone starts threatening Pippa and her loved ones as she gets closer and closer to the truth.
With many twists and turns, “A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder” had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I needed to know how the solving of the case unravels. The author tells the story as each page reels you in deeper and deeper into the book. As the response to the novel was overwhelming, Holly Jackson decided to give the fans what they wanted and continued Pippa’s story.
“Good Girl, Bad Blood” came out as a sequel to the original story. As the second book rapidly gained as much popularity as the first book, Jackson decided to write another, “As Good As Dead.”
I have already recommended this book to multiple friends and family as the book quickly climbed to the top and became my favorite book.