A Call to Act

For people who are heavily reliant on insulin, Epipens, inhalers
and other life-saving medicine, a lower price on these supplies
could not come soon enough. So many people, because of
these high prices, have to choose between a car payment or a new
Epipen, and that should not be the case for anyone. Even with
insurance, often peoples’ pockets are still being drained so they
can stay alive.
Medical expenses are one of the top reasons people in the U.S.
are in debt; according to a July article in The New York Times,
health care is now the largest source of debt in collections, totaling
more than $140 billion.
Yes, billion.
With so many U.S. citizens in debt for health care, it’s scary.
Without insurance, Epipens can be upwards of $650 for just
a two-pack. For diabetics, “newer versions of insulin retail for
between $175 and $300 a vial,” according to Forbes. “Most
patients with diabetes need two to three vials per month, and
some can require more.”
As a result, many diabetics cut their dose — or skip the dose
altogether, citing as the reason a need that their budget will not
allow for the purchase in addition to housing, car payments, food
and other necessities.
The fact that people have to pay an astronomically high
amount of money for something that literally keeps them alive is
saddening. We, The Viking Views, believe in a call to action for
those who can work toward a solution. People truly need help.