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When you think of breakfast food you think of home, of pancakes and waffles, bacon and sausage. The new breakfast joint “Another Broken Egg Cafe” perfectly ecnompasses all those elements. The relaxed interior and environment left a perfect atmosphere to eat breakfast.

We visited the restaurant on a Sunday afternoon, one that wasn’t particularly sunny but also wasn’t cold and dreary. I was glad we chose a breakfast place, I absolutely love breakfast foods, both the sweet stuff and the savory. The employees were welcoming and they smiled bright at us, immediately taking us to our table and offering superb assistance. The menu was full of so many different items that it was hard to pick what I wanted. I sat there and scanned through it over and over before I came to a decision. Their drink menu was just as full, but I ended up going with a raspberry iced tea, which was delicious. I’m not much of a tea person, but I could easily drink two more glasses of the tea. After we got our drinks, which was fairly fast, we got to ordering our food. I ended up going with the Big Easy Scrambler, although it was a hard decision to make. Everything sounded delicious soI had to look over and over to finally choose what I wanted. It took a little long for our food to arrive, much longer than I would hope, but my food was worth it. All the spices blended together perfectly in the dish, and I enjoyed every bite of it. I’d definitely go there again, but it won’t be a regular occurrence. The prices were a little high, especially for the amount of food served, but it was still delicious.

When we arrived inside the restaurant, it was wonderfully decorated. It had the classic indie vibe, which I enjoyed; it left me feeling comfortable there. I, the same as Katie, ordered a raspberry iced tea to drink, but I also got a chocolate milk. Both of the drinks were amazing, and I thoroughly enjoyed them. The chocolate milk was served with whipped cream topped with a chocolate syrup, which made it all the more enjoyable. When it got to food, though, I was left a little disappointed. Firstly, the service was a little slow, and whether that be because of how busy they were or just slow, we had to wait around 40 minutes for our food. I had ordered the chicken and waffles, a breakfast joint classic. The dish was greatly underwhelming, though. I had expected to be super impressed, but was left dissatisfied. It was actually quite bland, not a lot of spices were thrown into the mixture of my food. On top of the chicken and waffles, I had also ordered beignets for the table, which came out quite some time after our main dishes. They were dense, and a little soggy, nothing like how beignets should be. All in all, I probably would not go back to this restaurant, but it was still an enjoyable experience.

The interior of the restaurant was cute and cozy. I felt welcomed as soon as I walked in and we were sat immediately by our hostess. I, as well as Alexa, ordered the chocolate milk, but I thought differently of it. There wasn’t much chocolate flavor, the look of it. The drink looked fancy enough, but I had to stir it every sip to get just an ounce of flavor. For another drink I also got apple juice, which was delicious. For my main dish I ordered pancakes, eggs and bacon, which were mediocre. The food was expensive for the flavor and presentation, or at least mine was. My pancakes were delicious, but definitely not worth the price I paid. The eggs on the other hand were alright at best, they looked fake, so I probably would not buy those again if given the chance. The service was good, though. Our waiter kept checking up on us, and profusely apologized for the long waits between our food and drinks. The restaurant was very cute and homey; the ambiance was lovely. I don’t know if I would go there again out of my choosing, but I wouldn’t be opposed to going with friends or family if they wanted to.


Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5