Graduation requirements change with Class of 2023

Noah Lewis, Entertainment Editor

Beginning with the current sophomore class, the graduation requirements will slightly change. There were a series of committees throughout Ohio who had some involvement when deciding graduation criteria.

According to the Ohio Department of Education [ODE], the following applies beginning with the Class of 2023:A minimum of course 20 credits: four in math, four in English, four or more electives, three credits in science, three credits in social studies, one fine art credit [can be excluded with a full Career Tech completion], and one-half credits in both health and PE.
Regarding Ohio state graduation testing requirements, “students who were in [ELA II/English X and Algebra I] during spring of 2020 [when schools across Ohio were in remote learning due to COVID], will have the grade earned substitute in as their testing points earned.
Students who earned a D or lower in the corresponding class [Algebra I for Class of 2023] will need to take the Ohio State Graduation Test to earn the required score.
Students will be able to retest as needed to achieve the necessary score. If the required score cannot be met, alternate pathways to graduation will be explored,” according to ODE.
Regarding Geometry, Biology, US History and US Government, these tests remain significant, as specific scores are required to qualify for certain State Seals — something also required for graduation.
Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine signed HB 67, which among the provisions “exempts public and chartered nonpublic schools from administering the state required American history end-of-course exam in the 2020-2021 school year.” However, the US History test will remain scheduled as planned, as not taking the test would make students ineligible for the Citizenship seal toward graduation.
Sophomore Nathan Kimbell spoke about the Ohio state seal requirements.
“I would try to get the seals mainly due to how it looks on transcripts when applying to colleges,” he said. “I think that extra work always pays off, in this situation especially.”
According to ODE, students must earn two seals to graduate high school, and at least one seal must be a state seal.
State Seals
Ohio Means Jobs Career Readiness: Complete OMJ Career Readiness Seal paperwork; have mentor outside of work to attest to specific skills.
Industry Recognized Credential: Earn a 12-point credential [Med Tech, Construction, Culinary Arts, Interactive Media, Video Productions, Teaching Professions — total points earned depends on which year students began their programs].
College Ready: Earn ACT scores of English 18+; Reading 22+; Math 22+.
Honors: Earn an honors diploma.
Seal of Biliteracy: Satisfy testing requirements in a specific language
Military Enlistment: Show evidence of enlistment in a branch of the armed services or show evidence of two years of completion in a JROTC program.
Citizenship: Earn a 3+ on Ohio State Graduation Tests in US History and US Government; earn a 2+ on AP Exam in US History or US Government; earn a ‘B’ or higher in specific CCP social studies course.
Science: Earn a score of 3+ on Ohio State Graduation Test in Biology; earn a score of 2+ on AP Biology, AP Chemistry or AP Physics 1; earn a ‘B’ or higher in specific CCP science course.
Technology: Earn a score of 2 or higher on AP Computer Science exam; earn a ‘B’ or higher in specific CCP course; complete a technology course at Hoover [ask a school counselor as to which classes count].
Local Seals
Student Engagement: Complete 3+ years of an extracurricular activity or season as verified by club advisor or coach.
Community Service: Complete 10+ hours of community service during grades 9-12.
Fine and Performing Arts: Complete 3+ credits of Art, Band, Choir or Theatre; participate in 3+ school performances.
Kimbell sees the benefit to such requirements.
“I think that the requirements may be harder to achieve than before, it’s good in the sense that students will work harder to reach their goals at graduation,” he said.