Winter Sports Overview

Kosta Volas, Managing Editor


“I think Hoover had a great season, even dealing with all of the regulations regarding COVID-19. Personally, for my first season on the team, I just hoped to have a successful season, which would consist of performing to the best of my ability. I also was very excited to grow closer to the girls on the team.”
— Freshman Ava Peters

Competition Cheer

“Although this year has looked differently in many ways, we have definitely had a very enjoyable and successful season. These girls both started and ended their season strong, and should be proud of their hard work this year. Some of our biggest accomplishments have been placing 1st at both the Lake Cheerleading Competition and Jackson Invitational, 2nd at the Green Invitational, and qualifying for the OASSA State Championship for the 3rd year in a row. We officially submitted our virtual recording for States and await to hear our placing.”
— Coach Logan Ferwerda

Boys Bowling

“This bowling season was pretty good for the team. We made it to districts in the state tournament, which is further than any other Hoover boys team has made it. We also had a pretty good regular season. This year our record was 8-4 in the Federal League. This sport is really underrated, in my opinion. This sport has a ton of competition and it’s very competitive. This year, a Louisville kid broke the county record for an average of 237, which is pro level.”
— Senior Matt Beaber

Girls Bowling

“This year’s season was a lot of fun. If you only look at success as winning or losing, then our season would look very disappointing, but I feel like it’s been a success because all of us worked hard and improved and gave our best. We learned a lot from our coaches and from each other. I also feel like we treated each other with kindness and respect. We challenged each other and cared about each other. There is more than one way to be successful!”
— Senior Gracie Shawk

Girls Basketball

“Knowing it was my senior year, and I don’t get a ‘next year’ in a Hoover uniform really made me look at this season differently. I worked hard, I tried to enjoy every moment with my coaches and teammates and it made me so thankful for the last four years I got to spend as a Hoover Viking. My teammates did such a good job at encouraging me, pushing me, and being there alongside me throughout the entire journey — the good and the bad. I tried to do the same for them. I’m so grateful for them and all the ways they made my senior season so special.”
— Senior Emily Walker

Boys Basketball

“The outlook for this season really took a dive off the initial board as we started with a 1-5 record. However, we hit our stride after the Dover game and pretty much haven’t looked back. Once we got in the tournament, we had the mindset of, “Okay let’s get to the next line,” and it worked out, as Lake went to Boardman, then to Green and then a district final against McKinley, which we went on to win at the Field House and then matched up with Medina in the Regional Semis.”
— Senior Beau Burtscher

Boys Swimming

“Before COVID, I had big personal and team expectations for the year. When COVID-19 hit, I was able to take a step back and appreciate the fact that I would even have the season. I was glad to be able to have that same experience of camaraderie that I’ve been a part of for the last three years. The boys team won the Federal League Championship, won our sectional meet, was runner-up at districts, and placed seventh as a team at the state meet. I was also able to finish my year with an individual state title in the 100 yard breaststroke, which was extremely exciting.”
— Senior Karl Helmuth

Girls Swimming

“In October, it was unsure if there would even be a season, let alone a state meet. So it was great that we even had a season. My biggest goal this season was to qualify for the state meet, and I was able to do that in the 200 Medley Relay along with 3 other girls. We ended up having an amazing season and [our] team ended up placing 2nd at Districts. We were all really proud of each other because we all worked so hard for that.”
— Sophomore Amanda Fetsko