Local Love

Viking Views editors visit T-Bubbles in Uniontown

With new trends coming and going, one that has stuck around is the new found love for boba tea. Located in Uniontown, Ohio, T-Bubbles is a fun and delicious place to go after school. With something for everyone T-Bubbles is a great place to go with friends and relax with a treat.
I personally have never been a huge fan of tea; however, T-Bubbles always has a unique way of creating their drinks, and they also include many other types of drinks other than tea. Even with my dislike of the taste of tea, I always go back craving more. My personal favorite drink to order is the Vietnamese coffee with brown sugar, and it never disappoints. T-Bubbles is completely customizable and can come in many different variants. Every employee is very kind, and the environment of the shop is welcoming and clean. If you haven’t yet I recommend going in your free time.  — Mary Basiakos
Walking into T-Bubbles, you are immediately greeted by bright colors and a pleasing aesthetic. There is a delightful aroma that comes over you as soon as you enter the building. Generally I have been fairly picky, so I decided to get a lemonade as opposed to tea. While I definitely played it safe, T-Bubbles still didn’t disappoint. Even though I don’t care much for tea, I would definitely say try T-Bubbles. While the lemonade was delicious, perhaps the best part was watching the employees make the drinks. Overall, it was a fun experience, and I would 100 percent recommend taking a trip to T-Bubbles. — Megan Miller
When entering into T-Bubbles I was welcomed by a fun and bright environment. The store offered a lot of options for drinks and allowed for tons of additions in order to make your perfect tea. I ordered the rose garden strawberry with boba and was not disappointed. The tea was super sweet and extremely refreshing. The tapioca was perfect and I’d definitely get it again! T-Bubbles is a unique tea and smoothie store with fast service and fantastic drinks!

— Sophia Ploucha