Absentee Ballots: Showing up or a Good Idea?

Are Absentee Ballots a Good Idea?

Mary Basiakos and Kosta Volas


Now more than ever, I believe that absentee ballots can allow people to take part in voting without risking their health, safety and time. Voting is a prime way to exercise the rights we have as Americans, but sometimes, taking part in the freedom to vote can be difficult. Citizens of all demographics will spend hours waiting in line just to cast their ballots. While I do understand some people find waiting in line and being with other people just as interested in politics liberating and fun, that’s not how everyone feels about it. Not being present for live ballot casting can be more convenient for a majority of the population, especially with factors such as a global pandemic, weather threats, family matters and civil disobedience. Regarding time significance, I will admit that even though it’s easier to fill out the ballot and send it in through mail, the frame from your home to where the ballot is accounted for is a large gap. This factor does create a barrier for results. However, I still feel that the convenience of an absentee ballot is great for all people. Voicing opinions is one of the greatest things a person can do in America. Voting is one of the ways we as citizens can make a difference. Absentee voting ensures that a person can still have their voice heard rather than not being able to vote at all. The general concept of voting gives the people a chance to have a candidate they believe in speak for them. We as people are given the opportunity to vote the way we want, and I believe that absentee ballots are a perfect form of the freedom to choose.

Volas’ Views

The Biden vs. Trump election is one for the books. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire process of voting has changed, and it has had a big effect on the election. The absentee ballot was created in 1929 and has been used in every election since. Now, almost every state has suggested absentee ballots. The number of people using absentee ballots will be breaking records this year, but is this the best way to vote? There are many risks that come along with mail-in voting; in addition, it takes away the voting experience. One of the risks that come along with is they might not reach the ballot in time. If the absentee ballots were to be mailed in too late, this would cause the ballot to come in after the election, making it null and void. Then, there is a possibility that your vote could get lost in the mail. Although the absentee ballots provide convenience for voters and it allows voters who are unable to go to the polls, going to the polls is better because it provides less room for error when voting and a 100 percent chance that your vote will count. Also, as we saw in this year’s election, absentee ballots delayed the results for almost four days. Then, on top of this, Donald Trump said that his voters shouldn’t use mail-in ballots, and this caused some states to turn blue at the last second. Finally, going to the polls is an experience like no other. Even though I have not experienced it yet, it is an important privilege every American should experience. Even though waiting in line can be a bit boring, it is a process of which people have died for every American to have a vote. All in all, as long as you get out and vote and make your voice heard, you have helped make America represent your voice of what you think is right.