Signs of Support

Political banners blanket the city

Drew Stangelo, Chief Sports Editor

Every four years, we always see various TV commercials, magazine ads, flyers, and of course, yard signs supporting a certain political party or presidential candidate. Although this is a usual occurrence, in past years political signs were scattered around North Canton, mostly being seen on street blocks and busy intersections.
However, this year more than ever, just a drive down Main Street will reveal several yard signs. Although yard signs always pop up before the infamous first Tuesday of November, never have there been this many. These showings of loyalty are not just confined to one area or demographic either. Yard signs are no longer just put out in a certain area or for a certain party. There is a wide variety of signs throughout the city this year, supporting both presidential candidates as well as local officials. Of course, with President Donald Trump running for a second term, many signs are being reused from the 2016 election when President Trump defeated former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
The people of North Canton are also getting very creative regarding how they show their affinity to a certain party or candidate.
Homemade yard signs and banners are more common than ever. Large flags and homemade billboards can be seen throughout the city as well. Another interesting component about this election is neighbors showing their agreement or disagreement with each other’s political views by putting up yard signs. There are many instances around the city where there’s a sense of “anything you can do, I can do better.” One house puts up a single yard sign supporting a certain political candidate or party, then the neighboring houses set up three. This goes to show the division not just within the city of North Canton, but also in Ohio and across the country.
As for after the election, it is up to each municipality’s zoning departments to determine when signs must be taken down, with some codes stating signs must come down five days following an election.
Just like any election, this one had very high stakes and many fervent supporters for each side. However, this city hasn’t seen as many political signs and banners as we have in 2020. This sparks the question to whether or not yard signs will become the vocal choice of North Canton citizens, Ohioans, and Americans when displaying their political views and loyalties. North Canton is certainly filled with many different forms of support for candidates in this year’s presidential and local elections. It certainly made for an interesting election season like no other.