Local Love

Viking Views editors visit Pav’s Creamery in North Canton

Pav’s Creamery gives a nice fresh environment to enjoy with those close to you when you are craving something sweet. From unique sweet treats to purchasable pints of ice cream, Pav’s offers something for everyone.
The day we visited Pav’s, I was not in the mood for much due to the passing of my Yiayia [grandmother], so I ordered a small coconut milkshake with whipped cream for something light to enjoy. I order the coconut milkshake just about every time I go and it never disappoints. The employees are always kind and the atmosphere of the creamery is clean and enjoyable. Pav’s has been in North Canton for less than a decade; however, I have been coming here for years after band events and to enjoy time with family and friends. Pav’s is located on Main Street, giving the creamery a noticeable place in North Canton, Ohio. Whether you are there to make a bad day better, or to get out of the Ohio heat in the summer, Pav’s Creamery is a convenient and delicious place to go. — Mary Basiakos
Entering into the bright and colorful ice cream parlor the hot fudge brownie bowl caught my eye. I have always loved brownies and the sundae was the perfect mix of fudge, vanilla ice cream, brownies and whipped cream. The service was extremely fast, and the ice cream was perfect. It was perfectly proportioned and extremely rich. The brownie was also baked to perfection and went amazingly with the other ingredients. This sundae was the perfect dessert for people who want a mix of baked goods and amazing ice cream. — Sophia Ploucha
Usually, I tend to play it safe when getting ice cream, and I only ever get the same flavor. This time, however, I decided to change it up a bit. I have always loved cake batter ice cream, so I figured I would try birthday cake. My ice cream was in my hand almost instantly after I ordered. The service was very fast, and everyone was so friendly. I could see through the lid that there were sprinkles mixed into the ice cream. What I did not realize was that there was also pieces of cake mixed in. This was a pleasant surprise to say the least. Overall, I was beyond satisfied with my ice cream as well as Pav’s Creamery in general. — Megan Miller