Coming Together

North Canton has always been a town with a long history and strong communal ties. Whether it be its community events or local businesses, North Canton has always had a lot to offer for its residents, and now it’s planning to offer even more.
The City of North Canton is beginning to make even more strides in the improvement of local infrastructure and image.
This past year, the city worked toward implementing a new clock tower at the corner of Market Avenue and Easton Street.
This monument, Walsh’s Founders Plaza, has worked to improve the city’s image and highlight the history of Walsh University.
Alongside this, North Canton has also begun taking strides in accommodating everyone, renovating Dogwood in order to accommodate children with disabilities and children of all ages.
This renovation, which is set to open in 2021, is a huge step forward for North Canton and will ultimately allow for all residents to feel included in the community.
North Canton has also made more strides in community strengthening by decorating the entirety of Main Street with Christmas lights and inflatables.
These decorations create a welcoming and cozy environment in the heart of North Canton.
We, The Viking Views, believe that all of North Canton’s recent strides in community development are needed and appreciated.
The improvement in inclusivity and image of North Canton not only impacts outsiders’ view of the town but strengthens the community bond itself.