Wonder Woman 1984

Rory Galbraith, News Editor

With the year coming to a close, the sequel to DC’s “Wonder Woman” achieved the most box office sales of 2020. This is not a surprise, considering most other major movies this year have been primarily released on streaming platforms, along with the mass closings of movie theaters. As restrictions start to ease up, theaters are beginning to get all the latest releases again. “Wonder Woman 1984” was the first movie I have seen in a theater since the outbreak, and it is no surprise to say that the wait was not worth it. This is yet another disaster for DC’s movie adaptations.
At first, the setting and the return of Chris Pine intrigued me, as the 80s can be one of the most stylish and creative settings for a movie set in the past, while also having Pine’s character, Steve Trevor, return when he was thought to be gone in the first movie. Both of these potential strengths failed as the 80s were not highlighted in any meaningful way throughout the movie; it felt like it could have been any other time and the story would remain unchanged. Trevor returns in the most unexciting way possible, by a simple wish. The wish stone that made this possible is also the major motivator for the villain in this movie because it lets anyone wish for something. I am baffled by how uncreative and basic the most essential plot device is, and how it could’ve been anything. In a superhero and comic book movie, anything is possible, and yet, the writers decided to implement a wish stone that grants any wish and establishes no rules to what its limits are.
Another major problem with this movie is there are no consequences to any action the villains, or even Wonder Woman herself takes. The tension builds quite high at the end but is left with almost no payoff, as everything returns to normal after the dust settles. Kristen Wiig’s character of Barbara does have an interesting transformation, but almost no time is spent on that change. It feels out of place when it occurs. When the movie ended, I was left with so many questions about her character. How the story just dropped her in favor of Wonder Woman and the villain was a great disappointment, as she actually had some character development throughout the runtime unlike the others.
The most entertaining part of this movie are the action scenes. They are flashy and over the top, just what you would expect from a superhero movie. However, there are so little of these scenes due to the majority of time being spent on characters and the wish stone. Even more disappointing is the fact that this movie is longer than most other superhero and action movies, yet around the same amount of thrilling action that keeps the audience engaged. An action movie needs exciting action to be good, yet this movie tries to be serious and tell a good story as well.
Failing that, the movie falls apart and is not entertaining to watch. I would not recommend this movie to anyone except fans of the original comics, as several interesting references are brought up throughout, and the few action scenes are as good as they get for this type of movie. Otherwise, don’t waste your time with yet another underwhelming story from DC.