Marissa Carpenter, Focus Editor

After his Grammy nomination for his last album “Shawn Mendes,” he released his first album since 2018. Shawn Mendes released his new album “Wonder” Dec. 4. The very anticipated album also came out with a surprise, two of some of the world’s most loved male artists, Mendes and Justin Bieber, released a song on the new album.
“Monster” featuring the two men, earned the number one spot on the U.S. Spotify streaming charts. The other most popular song on the album is the song “Wonder,” which is the title song for the album. Mendes had an interview with the company “Seventeen.” While he was speaking with them, he explained that the album is all about “wanting to fall in love and the price of fame.” He also partnered with Netflix and made a documentary “Shawn Mendes: In Wonder.” The film focuses on his life on and off-stage, as well as his battle with depression and anxiety. In the film, Mendes explains how most of the songs on the album are about his girlfriend. He also explains in the film how his “Latin Grammy Award-Winning” girlfriend, Camila Cabello, was his support system and inspiration for most of the songs on the album.
“Wonder” contains 14 songs and “Wonder (Deluxe)” contains 24 songs including live performances, acoustic versions, and a special Christmas duet with his girlfriend. The duet is a cover of the song “The Christmas Song” originally sung by Nat King Cole. “Wonder” is his fourth studio album and is what he calls his “best album yet.” In length, the whole album is one hour and twelve minutes. Overall, this album is full of different songs that all people can find something to love about it. The album has different beats and tunes to songs that make each song different from the other. “Wonder” was definitely different from his other projects, but it was well worth the time and effort he has put into it making this album. n