Struggles of an Athlete

Capozzi’s Catch


Kyle Capozzi, Managing Editor

It is no secret that people use sports or exercise as an outlet to relieve stress, anger or even frustration that has built up over time. Many athletes today have discovered their passion for these exact reasons: to help their mental health in one way or another, but with COVID-19 that has all changed. Gyms have closed and seasons have been postponed or canceled entirely.
What has happened to the athletes that relied on these facilities or sports that helped them in more ways than one can imagine?
They’re stuck.
These athletes struggling, hurting, lost and in desperate need of a new way to help their mental health. It is often thought that because one is an athlete, one is tougher, stronger, can handle more — indestructible. While it may be true to a degree, athletes are humans too, and they need help just like everybody else does.
Athletes are notorious for not talking about their problems, but instead venting their anger by working out. Yet when everywhere in the state in which one can workout is shut down, what is there to do? They hold in that anger and still don’t talk about it.
These athletes have struggled so much during this time that they don’t know what to do anymore. With them losing their passions and motivations, they are lost and nobody around them even knows it. Athletes are very good at hiding their emotions when they need to and because of this, nobody around them knows if they need help or not.
As a friend, all you can do is reach out. Reach out to those around you and don’t let them drift so far away.
Check on them.
Let them talk, and be there to listen when they need it. Everybody is struggling during this time, and athletes are often overlooked. Don’t allow that to happen to your friends.
Some try to build home gyms, some try to workout in their backyards, but none of that is a substitute for the feeling of being out there on the field or the court, for that feeling of being under stadium lights with the fans cheering.
Nothing can ever replace that.
For many athletes, that is exactly why they are struggling how they are. From high school to the pros, everyone is struggling because everyone is human. Athletes need to understand that toughness is not threatened by talking through mental health issues. A reputation is not threatened because someone needs to talk to another about what they are going through.
We are all human, so let’s treat each other like it and be there for one another in these tough times. You never know what someone is going through unless you ask.