Club Safety

The COVID-19 pandemic has been the cause for many changes within the school to accommodate for the new health guidelines. It was clear that with the numerous clubs offered at Hoover High School that these too would be different. There were many possible ways that the topic of clubs could have been handled at Hoover.
The administration could have simply decided that no clubs would be permitted to meet this school year. However, in an effort to keep things as normal as possible, this was not the route they took. While many of the clubs at Hoover are not meeting this year, at least until the second semester, there are some that continue to meet.
Each individual club had to make the necessary adjustments in order to comply with the guidelines of both the school and the state. Each club advisor was asked to meet with the Hoover administration to discuss how they would operate. For the clubs that are currently meeting, the same requirements as during the school day apply. Everyone must be wearing a mask and stay six feet apart.
It may be frustrating that your favorite club is not in session, but it is also understandable. Each club advisor was given the opportunity to decide whether or not they wanted the club to meet. While at first it may seem upsetting that they chose not to meet, they did so in the best interest of the students, their family and themselves. For example, if a teacher were to have a family member at home that is potentially high risk, then they might choose to not have their club meet so as to not have more contact with students and possibly bring home the virus. By giving advisors this option, they are able to make the choice that is best for them.
We, The Viking Views, feel that clubs are being handled as best as possible under these circumstances. The new rules that clubs must follow, as well as the ability for advisors to choose if their club meets, are great ways to keep both teachers and students safe. n