Rock the Vote

Lewis’ Lounge

Noah Lewis, Entertainment Editor

As the election has concluded and the polls are now closed, there are many high school students that were able to participate in their first election. While some teens may have had views that are set in stone and they knew whom they were voting for, others may have had absolutely no clue about politics. They didn’t know how to register, and some just planned on either not voting at all or just throwing their vote away at someone random who was running. I think that this is a very bad thing because everybody’s voice matters in the United States, and some voices just end up being thrown away.
There are many ways that you can educate yourself about voting. One way is to research about the candidates and decide whom you think has the best policies, or whom you think is better fit to run the country. You could also check the news constantly and find an unbiased source to find pros and cons about the current presidential candidates. If you’re still confused about how to register to vote I’d recommend visiting USA.Gov or Your vote matters especially as a young adult.
According to the website, young voters aged 18-21 make up 50 percent of voters in total, and as there are fewer people voting in other demographics, teen voters will have a much larger impact. Voting as a teen is also really important because of how diverse our generation is. There is not a set political ideology; it is very different compared to other elections.
Another reason your vote as a teen matters is because we’re coming of age amidst crucial problems, with us being the main people affected regarding the future. For example, we’re currently experiencing a pandemic of astronomical proportions, and climate change is a huge problem that our generation is facing head on. Currently, you may not see why the outcome of voting can really affect you, but in four years, you may think the complete opposite as you realize you could have changed the state of the country just by voting.
The current 2020 election so far has shown some great signs of young people 18-29 going out to vote. According to, there were about seven million voters in that age demographic. This shows good signs that people will go out to vote in future elections because currently that is a historic best — especially as this demographic is historically low in terms of voter turnout at the polls.
As young people actually go out and vote in election after election, there could be a new representation of opinions and results that could set records.
If you want to voice your opinion in the next election [and will be of age], educate yourself and go out to vote because you can be the deciding factor of your country’s condition.