The Home in Homecoming

Grace’s Guide

Grace May, OP-ED Editor

As a senior, an athlete and a student in general, my year has been greatly affected by COVID, as has everyone else’s. The Class of 2020 had some major changes to the end of their year with the cancellation of prom, graduation and the fact that we had to go online for the remainder of the school year. However, being in the class of 2021 we have had many more changes.
The end of junior year had some major downfalls, including the cancellation of prom and going into online learning. The difference is that our whole senior year is now affected too. We have already had homecoming canceled, we have to wear masks everywhere we go, there are one-way hallways, regulations on attendance to football games and so many more. Our whole senior year will be affected by the virus, and there is no way of knowing what our future will hold and if we’ll even be allowed to finish the school year in-person. With so much uncertainty, it’s hard to be positive. However, we’ve been trying to do things to make the most of senior year.
Many groups of people, along with myself, have participated in a fake homecoming that many have given the name ‘foco.’ For this, people will dress up and get their homecoming pictures as they normally would, and then generally go out to dinner and do some other sort of activity with friends.
Another thing that people are doing since most people can’t attend football games with the limited tickets available, is they’re hosting watch parties where a livestream of the game is played and people can enjoy each other’s company.
The last thing I’ve seen a lot of people do is participate in fall activities that are outdoors. These might include apple picking, corn mazes, pumpkin patches and many more. Personally, I enjoy spending time outside. Since it’s been nice lately, I’ve been able to go for some nice fall walks too. Just looking at all the scenery can be so relaxing. Plus, if you go with someone else you can enjoy it together and talk about pretty much anything. I usually go with my sister, but you could go with most anyone you’d like to.
These are all easy ways to have a fun time this fall despite the regulations we’ve been under due to COVID. It’s so hard to remain positive, but that’s all we can do in this time of despair. The rest of the year is up in the air right now. Many of us are left to wonder, what will become of this year? Will clubs ever start up again? Will winter and spring sports get to have a season this year? Will there be a prom and graduation? It’s hard to tell.
We can only look for the positive in every situation. That is so important right now. Otherwise, as seniors, we’ll look back on this year as one we never want to relive. The key is to be safe, but come up with alternatives so this can be looked at as a fun year no matter the outcome.