The Wallows

Ashlinne Horning, News Editor

The Wallows, featuring Dylan Minnette, Cole Preston and Braeden Lemasters, recently came out with a new EP album titled “Remote.” The album came out Oct. 23. With six songs and 17 minutes long, songs include “Virtual Aerobics,” “Dig What You Dug,” “Nobody Gets Me [Like You],” “Coastlines,” “Talk Like That,” and “Wish Me Luck.” One of my favorites from the album is “Dig What You Dug.” The song has a catchy, upbeat rhythm and is fun to listen to. The album flows very well and appears almost seemless. The beginning and ends of the songs are similar, making it seem as if the song hasn’t changed.
The Wallows have been together for around three years and have since then released four EPs, a few singles and one album, all have been very different from each other. One song that they are well known for is “Are You Bored Yet [ft. Clairo].” The Wallows’ music genre is considered to be an alternative music style, meaning, that it is a form of indie rock with a little post-punk rock. Some other bands from this genre are Nirvana and The Red Hot Chili Peppers.
All six songs have very different tones, but they all go together very well. Their different sounds make it very interesting to listen to. There is a good variety of movement within the album, and it was very hard to get bored, as the sounds within the album change often. Some songs are slower than others, while some have a very happy and uplifting tempo. I give this album this rating because the album was written and put together very well. I would only critique the albums length, as I wish it had more songs.

5/5 Stars