7 Summers

Katie Criswell, Advertising Manager

Morgan Wallen dropped his new single “7 Summers” Aug. 14. The anticipation for the release of this song started on Instagram and TikTok, as a small portion of the song was revealed. Everyone who is a fan of country music was anxiously waiting to hear the rest of Wallen’s creation. If it wasn’t for all the fans supporting Wallen on social media, he may have not released “7 Summers” to the public.
The song climbed its way to Top 3 on Apple Music Daily Top 100. It was written by Wallen with Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne. As many can guess by the chorus line “Does it ever make you sad to know / that was seven summers ago,” the song was written about a love that won’t fade away even seven summers later. As Wallen reminisces on the details of that unforgettable summer, the audience is left with some heartache from the bittersweet lyrics.
I was hooked on the song since the minute I heard the first line on TikTok. I knew Morgan Wallen had something amazing up his sleeve. Releasing a sneak peek of the song on social media definitely hyped me to hear the rest. I had the song on repeat for at least a week, then had to stop so I wouldn’t get sick of it. Overall, this song became a hit in the world of country music. Morgan surely didn’t disappoint any of his fans with this incredible release.

5/5 Stars