A ‘Crafty’ Display

Community members showcase crafts at NC Lions Show

AnnaSophia Bates, Copy Editor

On Oct. 17, creativity was rising at Hoover High School. The North Canton chapter of the Lions held their fall craft show to fundraise for their year-round charities. Crocheters, bakers and painters alike came together to showcase their art and sell their crafts, with everything from unique front door signs to crafty Christmas presents. The goal of the show? To raise money for the various charities in which the Lions participate. Myron Vanderlin, a vendor at the craft show, both sold and gave away many different woodworking projects. His projects include things such as Ohio State Buckeyes signs and small gnome figurines. While he has been crafting for several years, he did not seem to care as much about the money, but about the community. “It gives us something to do,” he said “You get to see a lot of people kind of pass the time.” Bennet Kann, long time member of the North Canton chapter of the Lions club, talks about what kinds of crafty creations were being sold at the craft show. “We have many artisan crafters that do a wonderful job hand making all of the things that they sell, and there [are] just beautiful things,” he said. “[There are] Christmas items, Christmas decorations, bulbs, clothing, jewelry, just a lot of nice things that our crafters have made.” Lori Markow of Dogtown Bakery was drawn to the craft show to sell better, healthier dog and cat treats. “It’s about making all natural dog treats, and I do have cat treats and catnip cigars,” Markow said. “It’s a healthier, safer alternative to store-bought treats. All my stuff does need [refrigeration], since it’s all natural, no preservatives added.” Kann explains what the Lions do with the money they raise during the craft show. “We collect eyeglasses and recirculate the eyeglasses and reuse them around the world,” he said. “We [help] North Canton Meals on Wheels. We support the schools, we give a scholarship away to a North Canton High School senior each year. We’ve done that for many, many years. One of our big things that the Lions club has done the last couple years is help juvenile diabetes. Juvenile diabetes has become a worldwide major problem, and so a lot of our monies go to research for diabetes. There are just a lot of things that we do to help other people.” The fall craft show is not usually the only craft show that the Lions put together for a typical year, though. “We have two craft shows a year,” Kann said. “One in the fall, and one in the spring. They combined our largest fundraisers [due to COVID-19]. Some Lions clubs do all kinds of different activities.” “Our motto is ‘We Serve,” Kann said. “We serve internationally, it’s what we do. We just help people, and we serve.”