Hole in One

Niko Pitinii, Chief News Editor

Hoover Girls Golf had an amazing run in the 2020 season. The entire team made it to the district tournament and senior Grace May made it to the state tournament. This makes her the first golfer in Hoover history to make it to the state tournament four years in a row.
May spoke about the experience that drove her to try and accomplish this first for Hoover High School.
“I didn’t realize my freshman year, how big of a deal it was to make it to state,” she said. “So then after we won my freshman year and I realized how big of a deal it was like it had been my goal since then, to make it all four years because I knew that nobody had ever done it. And so it just feels really cool to accomplish that goal and make it all four years.”
May could not have made this goal a reality without the help of her teammates. This sentiment was echoed by girl’s golf coach, Mr. Scott Snyder, who shared his thoughts on this season as a whole.
“This season, as like the past several, was one to remember,” he said. “We accomplished so many goals, played as a team, and set two new school records in scoring [9-hole scoring and 18-hole scoring]. I’m very happy with how our underclassmen improved, and look forward to them leading us in the future. Overall, this was a great group of young ladies who put in hours of time and dedication and worked tremendously hard before and during the season. You can’t ask for more than that as a coach.”
Snyder also shared his thoughts on Grace making it to the state tournament this season, as he has been her coach for her entire high school career.
“As for Grace, what can I say,” he said. “This girl set a standard that hopefully, all golfers in the future strive to accomplish. Not only is she the first female golfer at Hoover to advance to four state championships, she is the first golfer overall [male and female] to advance to four state championships. What an honor. She definitely proves hard work does pay off, and will ultimately go down as one of the top female golfers in Hoover history.”
Snyder said the team could not have done what they did this season without the help of all members, including Senior Madeline Gregory, who was not able to play this season due to a hip injury but still made it to every match the team played and every practice the team had.
“The team had a tremendous year and I know that they will continue to be strong and grow stronger in the coming years,” she said. “I am very proud to watch each and every one of my teammates reach their goals and do amazing things.”
Gregory also shared her thoughts on May, who she has been playing with for four years in high school, making it to the state tournament this year.
“We were all very happy for Grace,” she said. “I was so happy for her, no one works as hard as she does. The team was all gathered around the scoreboard with Grace watching them put the scores up. When the final individual’s scores came in, we all celebrated.”
Hoover Athletic Director Mr. Tim Walker shared his feelings on the amazing season the lady Vikings had this season.
“Well, I think they have a great group of kids and they’ve done a great job over the last few years,” Walker said. “Obviously Grace has been the state four years in a row. I’m just really proud of them the way they hung in there this year, with everything else going on, and to be as successful as they have been. They’ve done a great job and they have a lot of great young athletes on that the team as well, so I think they’ll continue to be really good.”
As for May, she will be continuing her golf career at Grace College in Winona Lake, Indiana. She received a scholarship to play golf at the school starting next fall.
“I really like the program and what they’re doing there,” May said. “I met with the team, and I really liked the team camaraderie. It is similar to the team that I have now — they’re super close and they were really welcoming. I also like the area of the school; I like the town, and then the schedule that the golf team goes through. They do a lot of traveling, which is something that I’m used to, and I wanted somewhere I could travel and see places and Grace College could really give me that.” n