Models for a Divided Nation

Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away Sept. 18 due to complications from metastatic cancer of the pancreas. Right before she passed away, she reportedly told her granddaughter of her dying wish that stated, “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.” For many days, the question of whether or not President Donald Trump would honor this request was at hand — another topic for another day.
Ginsburg was appointed in 1993 by President Bill Clinton and had been serving on the U.S. Supreme Court for 27 years until her passing. She has been a tremendous advocate for gender equality as well as supporting the LGBTQ community in multiple cases. Her most notable cases are United States v. Virginia, 1996, a case which ended the gender-exclusive admissions policy at the nation’s last all-male public undergraduate college or university, and Obergefell v. Hodges, 2015, the historical case that granted same-sex couples the right to marry in all 50 states. She also famously authored the dissenting opinion in Bush v. Gore, 2000, this very case changed the course of the election and caused Bush to win the election. Overall, her decisions alone have altered the course of history and changed the world.
However, there was an anomaly that occurred inside of the Supreme Court as she was serving. We often consider Ginsburg as being one of the most liberal Supreme Court justices we have ever seen, and Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who passed in 2016, as one of the most conservative. Although they had very different views inside the courtroom and regarding their interpretations of the Constitution, they were very close friends outside of the court. They would attend numerous events with each other, even spending New Year’s Eve together every year. This is a great example of how our nation may be divided based on our political views, but all in all, we cannot let our views divide our nation.
Disagreeing with someone and respecting that person should not be mutually exclusive.
These two legal legends have set one of the best examples in history. No matter how ideologically opposed they may have been, their friendship was maintained. These are the role models that we must follow as American citizens. While not everyone shares the same political views and beliefs, it is vital that we stick together as a nation and respect one another. We, The Viking Views, believe that during this election we must be together rather than a split nation, differing in beliefs rather than divisive in heart.
We must be one in this Republic, and we must be United.