Views Editors’ Local Buisness Highlight

Viking Views editors visit locally owned business

Sophia Ploucha

After searching around the beautiful sweet-smelling store, I came across a section of candles. Growing up, my mom and I always enjoyed the different and peaceful smells of candles. Seeing the wonderful selection of all types of candles for every holiday, I knew I would buy one as a gift for my mom. From candles like Hot Apple Pie to Buttered Maple Syrup, picking just one was difficult. Walking into my house, I’ve always enjoyed being able to smell the time of year through a candle, so I decided to buy the Pumpkin Pie candle due to the season. I will say it wasn’t cheap; however, for its price, it was worth it. Not only is it a very nice sized two-wick candle, the scent makes me excited for carving pumpkins and stepping on fallen leaves. During the checkout process, the employees were very kind and the overall atmosphere of the store was heartwarming. After my purchase, I went home and gifted the candle to my mom. She also enjoys the warming smells of fall, so she was very excited to light it. After a few hours of having the candle, my house smelled sweet with faint hints of pumpkin spice.

Mary Basiakos

I have always loved to cook and bake, so when I saw that the Pine Cone Gift Shoppe sold homemade scone mix, I knew I had to have it. I made sure to get the Dark Chocolate Mocha Scone mix in order to have a sweet twist to the classic scone. The instructions were simple and I was only required to get one ingredient to add to the mix. Preparing the dough was easy and fun, and baking was even easier. After allowing for the scones to cool, I was able to take a bite and enjoy the sweet and doughy delicious scones. Overall, I loved the scones from the Pine Cone Gift Shoppe and would definitely buy them again!
The Christmas season has always been my favorite time of the year. From the lights to the music, everything about the holiday puts me in the right mood. The thing that puts me in the holiday spirit the most would be decorating. A few years ago, I bought my very own Christmas tree for the corner of my room. Over the years, I have been compiling a collection of ornaments that I can now put on my tree. Upon entering the Pine Cone Gift Shoppe, my eyes were immediately drawn to the tall Christmas tree covered in sparkling ornaments. I knew right away that I would be walking out of there with an addition to my collection. The ornament I chose is a glass ball with a Santa hat sitting on top. Inside the ball, Santa can be seen sitting on his sleigh between snow covered trees while being pulled by one of his reindeer. Overall, the ornament encompasses the spirit of Christmas and was the perfect choice for my tree.
The Pine Cone Gift Shoppe’s prime location on Main Street leaves a great first impression to all. With a very open and welcoming setting from the outside and inside, as far as locally owned businesses goes, the shop leaves you with a memorable experience.