Focusing on Yourself

Hoover students offer tips to stay healthy, active while sheltering-in-place

Lilly Altman, Co-Circulation Manager

New times, new ways to stay busy.

Hoover students share their thoughts on what they are doing to stay healthy, active, and occupied during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“While at home, I have mostly just been doing my schoolwork, going outside on nice days, and spending more time with my family,” sophomore Alexis Coreno said.

Coreno has been doing her best to try and stay very active and somewhat busy through the stay-at-home guidelines to take her mind of things, and allow herself to keep a straightforward schedule. 

“My favorite activity to do at home is just simple workouts that I have done,” she said. 

She has been learning through her stay at home time, that self-care is very important to her and that the better she takes care of herself the better she feels. 

“I have been doing different workouts of videos from YouTube and then I will normally go on a run through my neighborhood after I do these workouts. It keeps me in shape,” Coreno said. 

With technology, Coreno is still keeping in contact with all of her friends, which allows her to keep up with her usual social life that she would have at school.

“I Facetime a few of my friends almost everyday, and I am always texting them so I can keep talking to them. This takes up a little bit of my day and is something fun to do during this time,” she said. 

Sophomore Cayden Testa also shares his routines, along with new ideas and thoughts to stay busy while at home. 

“To stay busy at home I have been doing my schoolwork obviously. I also have been playing some video games and gone on several bike rides a week with my friends. I have played lots of basketball and gone on many walks with my family as well,” he said. 

Testa feels that because he’s at home he should try new things and be productive throughout the day, while trying to spend as much family time as he can.

“My dad and I decided that we wanted to mow our own yard, since some lawn services are closed. We got some new lawn care equipment and have been working really hard to improve our skills together.”

A daily schedule is important for Testa to follow so he can stay on track with school and other important things he needs to get done throughout the day. 

“I wake up around 9:30 a.m. and get my schoolwork done first thing. Then I leave myself the rest of the day to do whatever I want to do. I have been going to bed pretty late and play Xbox almost every night. I really only have a schedule for the morning when I need to focus and get my work done,” he said. 

Getting bored is a common thing when you’re stuck at home all the time, but Testa has found solutions to his boredom. 

“When I am bored, I usually go outside to shoot baskets if it is a nice day. Since the weather hasn’t been good lately, I have been playing video games or watching Netflix,” he said. 

Sophomore Paige Goss has been baking with her sister. 

“Something that I have tried at home is baking different deserts with my sister. It allows her and I to bond more, stay occupied, and just do something fun together,” she said.

Self-care is very important to Goss; she says that being at home has really allowed her to follow a comforting routine. 

“Some self-care things I have been doing is taking time to myself and relaxing. I have also been going outside and been on many bike rides that way. I’m active,” she said. 

Like most students, Goss has been watching shows and getting outside to get fresh air as much as she can.

“To keep busy, I have been watching many new shows on Netflix, ‘All American’ being my favorite. Also, I try to get out as much as I can when it’s nice out. This even includes doing my homework outside on nice days,” she said. “I have really enjoyed being at home. Even though I can’t really hang out with my friends, I am making the best out of it and having a good time.”