The Great Outdoors

Students explore local parks while observing social distancing guidelines

Addie Wolff, Sports Editor

Due to the coronavirus, many people have had to find new ways to keep themselves entertained. One of the most popular ways recently of doing this is going to new parks around the area.  A lot of people have been using the parks when the weather permits of course. It is a great way to get away for a bit especially during this time. 

Going to parks can be a great way to get out of the house while still keeping in mind social distancing. Junior Karl Helmuth describes his favorite places to go around the area.

“I’ve been on the Hoover Trail, the McKinley Monument, and Boettler Park in Green,” he said. 

Not only are the parks getting used more often, but people are also coming to realize their importance and have come to appreciate them. 

“I have gone to local parks quite a bit throughout the last few weeks. I either take walks with friends or go for runs by myself. I have come to appreciate the parks a lot more with the recent circumstances. They have been an easy way for me to get out of the house and take a break,” Helmuth said. 

There is also a variety of activities to do such as playing tennis, basketball, go bike riding, and play volleyball. Helmuth talks about the activities he has enjoyed doing recently.

“Depending on what type of park it is, I will play basketball or volleyball, but just taking a walk is nice,” he said. 

Another student that has been using parks as a way to get outside is Junior Kate Haubert. 

“I have really been enjoying the parks a lot more since the quarantine; I love going on walks and bike rides with my friends it is a great way for us to see each other while still keeping in mind social distancing,” she said. 

Getting out of the house and finding this to do right now can be challenging since most things are closed but on the nice days finding ways to get outside is beneficial. 

“Recently my friend and I went up to Cuyahoga National Park for a hike to see waterfalls, it was a good way to get out for a bit especially since it was such a nice day when we went,” Haubert said. 

Hopefully with the increase in the use of parks, people are starting to value the outdoors and respect parks. 

“I have been seeing so many people out now with their families or friends, whether they are on walks are at the park playing basketball or tennis. I think it is good the people my age are using them and I believe that many people are learning to respect the areas around our community and hopefully, after everything calms down the parks with still getting used,” Haubert said. ♦