Fearless through Faith

Hoover senior talks discusses her perseverance through the pandemic

Jamie Goldman, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Hoover senior Kaylee Miller is a member of the softball team, and does a lot of volunteer work at her church, Faith Family. After the COVID-19 pandemic began shutting down the schools, her senior year that she had looked forward to was now much different. 

“After the year was canceled and my summer would have to be different I was very upset. I had to go to God and really just sit in his praises and find out what I’m going to do,” Miller said. “My friend really had my back and support me through all of this as well.”

In fall of this year, Miller plans to head out west to southern California and attend Missions Me College. Here she will go on numerous mission trips and learn more about God. Not only will Miller be learning leadership skills that will help her better the community, but she also will be helping people around the country. 

Miller explained her decision.

“I picked Missions Me because I knew this was something that God had called me too. Even though it’s on the beach and will be so much fun, I just had peace about the going,” she said. 

While Missions Me is right on the water and is warm just about all of the time, this was not the only factor that led to Miller’s decision to go to southern California for school — getting to help others and continuing to learn about God were two of her bigger factors. 

After attending Missions Me, Miller is not sure what her plans are, although helping others is on her list of things to do. 

“I’d love to travel and help people and love on them,” she said. 

In her childhood, Miller said found her connection to God. This gave her the love and support she needed, including finding a great school like Hoover. 

“God has done everything for me. When I was a kid a lot of people called me stupid and dumb and I believed them, but when I found out what God did for me and how much he loved me for me I didn’t want to change a thing,” Miller said. “ I couldn’t be any more happy.”

Through the years Miller has been extremely active throughout her church, Faith Family. She worked in the JV department, which is the middle school aged kids who are eager to dive deeper into their faith as well. 

I love working with them because I know what they are going through,” Miller said. 

Not only does Miller work with the middle schoolers, but she also takes beautiful pictures for her church. Miller also puts her photo skills to use outside of the church setting as well. She loves the feeling of seeing others happy and experiencing joy.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, there were lots of different things that Miller was looking forward to, such as her senior night for softball. Although instead of being sad about it, she said this is the time to help others. 

“When things get hard in life and you can’t control it don’t give up look at the positives in the situation,” she said. “The outcome will always be better if you have a positive look on things. I could be sitting in my room crying about my senior year , but instead I’m seeing how I can help people that can’t help themselves.” ♦