The 2020s: A New Decade

Facing adversity, the Class of 2020 will persevere and forge ahead

Nick Pennel and Brandon Sasser

This senior class is unlike any others and that’s for certain. Though our year has been unfortunately cut short, it’s important to understand the unique bond we as a class have been through throughout the past start of the decade. As the first class of the new decade, we all share the unique and common bond of being a part of this history. Never before was an entire class across the globe denied the rites of passage with graduation, prom, and robbed of the most important moments in our young lives thus far.

Though these events could seemingly drive us apart, it’s important to understand we are the start of a new and exciting decade of college students, military personnel, and workers that will go on to accomplish great things.

Now more than ever, it’s important that we as a class allow these unforeseeable circumstances to bring us together and understand the unique and common bond we all now share together. Although we are distant and we will not be able to celebrate this joyous occasion, it is important to go into this new decade with a positive and endearing mindset. We have all accomplished great things throughout our four years at Hoover, and it is quickly coming to an end for all of us. We may head into this new chapter of our lives with great uncertainty of the unknown, the Class of 2020 is strong and we must persevere and keep moving forward into the new decade and our brand new futures. ♦