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From apps to clothing, the Class of 2020 has embraced – and abandoned – certain trends

Chloe Kling, Co-Managing Editor

Throughout the years, there have been many different kinds of trends. Whether we are talking about clothing or social media, our class has had it all. Specifically in middle school, we were all caught up in social media. Some apps are still in use today, like TikTok, but others like Vine have fallen off.

Senior Cade Houston specifically liked Vine for how short the videos were. 

“To be funny, they had to be right down to the point because they only had seven seconds,” Houston said. “Everything happened so quickly you never really had to wait for the joke.”

Vine is said to be what kept all of us entertained during middle school. Senior Adrianna McKelley enjoyed getting a laugh out of all the videos.

“My favorite thing about vine was that you could just sit there for hours watching it or making fun videos,” McKelley said. “I loved how much it made me and my friends laugh and that we always had fun with it.”

Now that Vine is gone, the only other platform we have that keeps us entertained with short videos is TikTok. TikTok was originally known as, but when the app shut down in 2018, it reopened as TikTok. The change from one brand to another came with a change in the content too. was more lip-syncing whereas TikTok is more dancing and comedy videos, which reminds some people of a modern-day Vine.  

Senior Brad Schemmel prefers TikTok over Vine, because there is more to do than just lip-syncing.

“I prefer TikTok because it’s more than shaking the camera like was,” Schemmel said. “There is a lot of original funny content as well as various trends such as dancing that circulate through the app.”

Other apps were just as popular throughout the years, but looking back on them, they were not that great. was an app where you could leave anonymous messages to people’s accounts, and they publicly responded. The most common questions were just trying to start gossip, but the app quickly turned into a platform to spread rumors and start drama. 

“I used it in middle school and at the time everyone would just gossip on it,” Senior Kate Murphy said. “It seemed harmless but I feel like it definitely did more harm than good and was a waste of time.”

These apps over the years are not the only trends we are, and are not, missing now. There have been major fashion trends that have left their own imprint on our class. In middle school, we were all dressing to impress. 

For the girls, it was usually black leggings and a cardigan, paired with the popular combat boots, McKelley said.

Things like skirts with UGG Boots, infinity scarves, and fake glasses were not out of the ordinary for us either. The trends from then have definitely changed, and we are looking completely different now. For boys, however, things have always remained similar.

The easy, “khakis and a flannel or button up” is still used to this day, Schemmel said. 

Some trends fade out and make a comeback, like sweatpants and athleisure clothes. However there are many trends that some people would say should never, and hopefully will never come back, but there are some that would be interesting to see how they fit in today.

“Bring back playing speakers in the hallway,” Houston said. “It’s fun to hear some music through the day, especially out loud compared to an AirPod. If you would consider Crocs trendy, but if not then put me down for moccasins. I love wearing both cause I don’t gotta bend over to slip a shoe on in the morning: they slide real easily. They have fur inside that just makes your feet feel like they’re getting a warm hug.”

Not all people think that trends should come back. There have been some questionable things that we have done as a class over the years, but things have come and gone for the better. 

“I think trends fade off for a reason,” Murphy said. “I loved [] at the time, now I cringe thinking about it.” 

Looking back, we have been through it all. The ups and downs of both social media and clothing trends, we experienced them together and supported each other throughout it all. There have been many changes made in the world since we were in middle school, but those allowed us to become who we all are today, both individually and together. ♦