Hindsight: 20/20

A new decade, a new age reflect changes in society while looking to the past


With the current decade coming to an end, new changes in society are approaching. Past memories are fading, new ones are being made and, for many, childhood is ending. The decade coming to a close is a chance to reflect on the changes society has been through, most to be proud of, some to dread. In recent decades, there have been constant changes in technology, internet, streaming networks and fashion. From old styles being made anew to news around the world going digital, the years of change show improvement in different ways. In a very short amount of time, society has changed right before our eyes. Improvements in media show no signs of growth stopping soon. Even in ways to access media, society continues to grow and invent. Not many decades ago, most everyday activities were seen as a dream.
All of the things people love are now found directly at their fingertips anywhere in the world at any time. Anyone is able to easily search for whatever they wish, with little to no restriction. Watching any show, movie or video at leisure has never been easier than it is now, and it can only get better. Forward is not the only direction society is heading; it is also jumping back into the past. From fashion to music, the 70s, 80s and 90s have been making a comeback. The sound of Freddie Mercury hyping a crowd at Live Aid and The Beatles’ “Hey Jude” are in everyone’s Spotify playlist, showing people just cannot get enough of the nostalgia. However, music is not only playing through every earbud in sight, it is also being shown as a statement. Weezer, Pink Floyd and Nirvana graphic tees are just a few of many retro fashion choices. With enough scrunchies to touch your elbows and mom jeans on everyone in sight, throwback fashions have never looked better. Just like incoming decades, society will continue to move forward while also embracing the past.